10 IKEA hacks for your child’s bedroom

LATT set
Make the wooden chair a little more comfy by attaching an owl cushion to the back.
Using fabric, simply cut three owl shapes out. Secure two shapes together at the top and sides and stuff with stuffing. Sew the bottom together. Sew the third fabric piece to the back but only close over the top and sides so that it works as a sleeve over the back of the chair. Use accessorises for eyes and beak.
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This is a really fun piece of wall art for your child’s room. Simply secure the LILLABO rail tracks to the wall in the shape of a tree.
Picture via Mommo-design.blogspot.it
MAMMUTT stools
Transform these cute stools into mushrooms. Simply paint the stools white and secure a red cushion with white polka dots on top.
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Use IKEA bunting to camouflage any overhead wires. Simply secure the bunting to the wire using a glue gun.
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Plate rack
This plate rack works great as a bookshelf. It makes it easy for kids to see what book they want.
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KURA bed
The KURA bed is really easy to convert into something a little more child-friendly. Simply hang a curtain rail under the side panel and hang curtains.
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Grundtal knife rack
Simply secure the magnetic rack to a wall and the metal toy cars will stick to it.
Picture via Handmadecharlotte.com
KURA reversible bed loft
Turn the reversible bed loft into a fire engine. Put the loft in the higher setting, use plywood for the door and windows and paint it red and white.  Old buggy wheels work great as truck tyres and you can hang a toy extinguisher to finish it off.
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Plastic mugs make great coat racks
Secure the cups to a wooden border using nails and hang your kid’s coats from the hood.
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Simply secure a registration plate to the front of the bed and decorate with black stripes.
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