Posting Rules

General guidelines on posting on the MummyPages groups and forums
  • Please respect the feelings and opinions of others in your postings - this includes but is not limited to users, other people and institutions. 
  • Be careful about what you write - just like a newspaper or magazine the laws of libel apply.
  • Please note that authors are personally liable for the contents of their posting. 
  • Please do not reveal any personal information about yourself or your family - especially email addresses and/or phone numbers. 
  • Please do not insult, abuse or be nasty to anyone else on the boards – everyone is entitled to their different opinions. 
  • If you would like to report an inappropriate post, please click the “Report abuse” link where available or email hello[at] or PM MummyPagesSocial. 
Commercial posts
We love the fact that you want to reach our audience however there is always a time and place.  
Please note that commercial posts from:
  • shops and businesses
  • service providers such as baby equipment, baby massage, baby gifts, maternity clothes etc.
  • online stores and other websites
  • and any type of self-promoting posts 
are not permitted on the forums and MummyPages reserves the right to delete or amend commercial posts if deemed necessary. 
Exception to the rule:
  • Feel free to advertise your up and coming event in our ‘Noticeboard’ which can be found in our forum.  Just keep it relevant to our user base.
  • If you would like to advertise your personal items for sale, feel free to advertise them in our classified section.   
If you would like to advertise with MummyPages please email us.
The MummyPages Team
How can I be a better poster?
Post in a forum where the subject is relevant by please putting posts where they belong.  Contribute in a constructive way.
Comment on the post not the poster.
Please do not respond to someone's point with personal attacks – irrespective of how you feel about their opinions.  
Please stay on the topic of their post, not on the person who posted it. 
If someone abuses you, don’t respond back: just report the post and our moderators will check it out. If you decide to abuse them back, you will probably both be warned or banned.
Manners and respect go a long way.
Please do not use abusive language and content: that’s not the sort of culture we have or want on MummyPages.
But what about my freedom of speech?
This is a private forum so as such there is no right to freedom of speech here. 
Enjoy yourself and enjoy the site.
Don’t take everything too seriously, so someone on the internet disagrees with you. Ok, *shrug*.
These are general guidelines for use of MummyPages groups and forums. If these aren’t to your liking there are other websites perhaps better suited to your needs and tastes but we believe these form a reasonable, rational, mature basis for adults to chat natter discuss laugh debate joke banter and interact.
The MummyPages rules of engagement are:
Be nice
Don’t spam
Don’t post porn or stuff you’ve stolen from elsewhere 
Don’t use abusive language
Don’t advertise your business or company you work for
Don’t abuse people personally
Don’t ignore bullies – report them
Read and repeat the rules, clicking your heels 3 times when wearing your sparkly red shoes.