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Emergency information For some peace of mind, keep these numbers handy
Reward chart Our reward chart for little girls
Vaccine tracker Keep track of innoculations from the start
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How can I get my child to read?
If you want your child to read more, you have to motivate them. And to motivate your child, you have...
How can I make sure my child remembers his manners?
Children who are polite are great to be around – there are some easy ways to start teaching...
What can I do to help my child lose weight?
Being overweight as a child can be a predictor to being overweight as an adult.
How can I help my child improve his speech?
If you have a hard time understanding what your preschooler is trying to tell you sometimes, there...
How can I help my child be articulate?
A child who can speak well will have confidence and generally feel better about himself in school...
What is normal sexual behaviour in my young child?
My child is exhibiting some sexualised behaviour ... should I be concerned?
How do I keep my child from getting car sick?
Many children get car sick, and while it’s not always easy, it can be dealt with in a few...
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