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Is my 4 year old child ready to write his...
Sometime around the age of four, your child will begin to take an interest in his name. This is because he is starting to learn letters and can recognise those letters that belong in his name.
How do I teach my child the art of conversation?
Get your child’s attention immediately by whispering to him - this let’s your child...
Should I be worried that my 4 year old has not started...
Most four year old children are just beginning to understand the concept that letters make words...
How can I help my 4 year old learn to read?
At four years of age, most children are just beginning to understand the concept that letters make...
How can I teach my child to be responsible?
You will find that your child is a very willing little helper at this age. Let him help you with...
How can I help prepare my 4 year old for maths?
A typical 4 year old child is usually able to count up to ten or more
How can I help my 4 year old with counting?
At 4 years of age, a child’s learning method is very visual.
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