Kids have great imaginations- and appetites. Combine the two and you're bound to get some... interesting... combinations. 


Twitter user Jordan Adams has a little chef in his life, his nephew Ethan. In playschool, Ethan's class put together a cookbook.


It's both ridiculously cute and hilarious. 



The mini Masterchefs had to demonstrate this knowledge of where the food comes from, how much it costs, how much time it takes to prepare it as well as the recipe itself. 


Let's start with Ariana's macaroni, when takes five minutes and costs $2. The ingredients, however, aren't your traditional cheesy dish. We're talking melted cheese, macaroni, apples, strawberries, toys, backpack and doll. Not sure how they would taste with bacon. 



"First you put the macaroni in the stove and now you put it in the ned. Put it to the oven and put cheese and more melted cheese. The oven has to be hot like fire... like a candle... like for birthdays."


The then recounts a conversation she had about swimming pools with her sister. Until returning to the recipe saying "you blow on the macaroni so it won't be hot. You need to wait. Now its done!" 


Not in the mood for something savoury? Then try Sebastian's pancakes! Except they contain "Salt and that's it" 



The instructions are extremely helpful: 


 "You get a thingy from the house and you put it in the hot thingy. Turn on the hot thingy and it burns so you have to be careful. You make like, something and put it in it and it cooks. Then you get a plate and finish it. Don't leave the plate on the table, you have to throw it away in the sink or flies will get on it." 


We. Can't. Even.


But the award for most inventive chef has to go to Joe. He starts out describing how to make tacos, then decides he wants cheesy rolls instead, before finally deciding that he'll just take some watermelon. 



"Wait... I know how to make watermelon it is easy... just buy the watermelon and eat it." 


Keep it simple, Joe. 


We don't think that these cuties will be cooking without adult supervision for some time!