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Find out how to handle injuries and accidents in the preschool years.
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Biting: Why does it happen and what can I do?
Most young children will experiment with biting. It’s a natural reaction of a frustrated or...
What should I do when my toddler is vomiting?
When a child is vomiting, it is usually minor and no cause for concern; however, in some cases, your...
What tips do you have to keep my kids safer during...
Keeping your child safer this summer is easy, if you exercise a little common sense, and use these...
How can I tell if my toddler’s cut requires stitches?
As a general rule, a wound that is approximately ¼ deep or ½ inch long and is open...
Why is it important to poison proof your home?
Children love to put things in their mouths, which is a great cause for concern when so many...
If a child can bend her finger or toe, is it not...
Even though your toddler can more their fingers or toes, they may still be broken and there are...
What should I do if my child gets an electric shock?
If your toddler receives an electric shock, the result can be minor or extremely damaging.
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