Injuries & Accidents

Find out how to handle injuries and accidents in the preschool years.

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Biting: Why does it happen and what can I do?

Most young children will experiment with biting. It’s a natural reaction of a frustrated or angry child.
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What should I do when my toddler is vomiting?

When a child is vomiting, it is usually minor and no cause for concern; however, in some cases, your child may need medical attention.
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What tips do you have to keep my kids safer during summer?

Keeping your child safer this summer is easy, if you exercise a little common sense, and use these tips.
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How can I tell if my toddler’s cut requires stitches?

As a general rule, a wound that is approximately ¼ deep or ½ inch long and is open will more than likely need stitches to prevent infection, stop bleeding, and heal properly with minimal scarring.
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Why is it important to poison proof your home?

Children love to put things in their mouths, which is a great cause for concern when so many children suffer from an accidental poisoning each year.
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If a child can bend her finger or toe, is it not broken?

Even though your toddler can more their fingers or toes, they may still be broken and there are certain signs to look for
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What should I do if my child gets an electric shock?

If your toddler receives an electric shock, the result can be minor or extremely damaging.
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