In a few short days, my youngest son starts school.


As his Nursery is part of his Primary School, for him, it is really not much more than moving up to the classroom that his big sister currently goes to every day, a change in Teacher and, the worst part for him, (and me but more on that in a minute) the loss of his 'Mummy Day' one day a week. Whilst he was chuffed to bits to have received a special award on the last day of term from his Nursery Teacher, he was also completely bemused why the receipt of his certificate and trophy saw me in floods of tears hugging his Nursery Teacher fiercely.



So whilst he will take it all in his is a MUCH bigger deal for me!



Griffin's nickname is my LBB which stands for Little Bonus Ball. He snuck up on us when we were least expecting it with me finding out just 9 months after my daughter was born that I was pregnant with him, and he turned our worlds' upside down in the very best way. But as I thought he was my last, I confess, I have 'babied' him (and I probably always will!) I do many things for him even if he is quite capable of doing it for himself, and I like it that he 'needs' me in this way. Of his own accord, he chose to call me "Mama" and I adore that this is his choice of name for me even though his older siblings have always called me "Mummy". He is such a loving and giving child and I wallow in his affections.



So even though I have one more to go in the starting school journey, I can't help being incredibly emotional about my LBB going to 'big school' in September.



Losing our Thursdays alone is huge.


With four children and a business to run, I think 1:1 and 2:1 time (as well as whole-family-time of course) is so important, and we are pretty good about making this individual time for our children once in a while. But I will desperately miss my regular weekly fix of time with Griffin. We have been on some fantastic adventures, laughed until our tummy ached and made some amazing memories and whilst I cannot pretend that I am anything other than gutted that this time is over, even more than this, I feel so blessed and grateful to have had it in the first place.



Of course, I know he will fly at school. The Reception Teacher is as fantastic as his Nursery Teachers were, and he is ready for the new challenges that Reception will bring. He is excited to learn to read properly and I can't wait to see him grow and to learn more about who he is as a person and what strengths and passions he will discover as he grows up. And of course...there is the school bus which he will get to travel to school on at least a couple of times a week...I mean what could be more exciting than that?!




But am I ready for my lovely LBB to start school...honestly? No, I am absolutely not.


But he is...and that's the point. It's not about me anymore - hasn't been since the day I became a mum over 9 years ago. It's about them - my children. I want to give them the most magical, wonderful childhood and adulthood I can, and that means standing brave, holding back the tears and kissing him goodbye as I drop him off on the 4th September....Then, getting to the car and eating an entire box of Jaffa Cakes whilst I sob my heart out and wish away the hours until pick up time!



Good luck fellow School Starter Parents. We can do it! And more to the can they.


Sally x

Sally Hall is proud mum to four, founder of Dorothy & Theodore and author of One out of Nine - her soon to be published debut novel. She's also a lawyer in her free time! She is passionate about making memories and keeping them beautifully safe.

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