Find out how to handle inappropriate behaviour in your preschooler.
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When do children start lying?
Children can learn how to tell lies from a very early age, commonly by around three years of age....
What is normal sexual behaviour in my young child?
My child is exhibiting some sexualised behaviour ... should I be concerned?
Why does my child ignore me when say "no"?
Defiance is the way that a preschool child asserts himself. He wants to show the world that he has...
What can I do about my 2-year-old's tantrums in public?
When your two year old throws a tantrum in a public place, it can be embarrassing and upsetting.
How do I give my child a lot without spoiling her?
A parent wants their child to have everything because they love them. But showing your love without...
My 4 year old is so bossy to other children. What...
A bossy four year old is experimenting with her power and the affect that her words have over a...
Why does my two year old ignore me when I tell her...
Defiance is the way that a two year old child begins to assert her independence. She wants to show...
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