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Computer games: can too much damage development?
As with most activities done in excess, too much time spent on computer games and console games can...
How do I teach my preschooler table manners?
A preschooler may not be ready to learn the finer points of table manners, but they are old enough...
How do I get my two year old to stop picking her nose?
Young children who pick their noses incessantly may do so to relieve stress or boredom, or...
Encouraging spirituality: how can I make sure that my...
If you want your child to grow up with a strong spiritual foundation, it’s never too young to...
Telling lies: what to do when my preschooler tells a...
When you catch your preschooler telling a lie, it is natural to be worried. Parents may feel that...
How should I react when my child tells a lie?
When you catch your preschooler telling a lie, it is natural to be a bit upset. A parent may think...
How do I teach my child the art of conversation?
Get your child’s attention immediately by whispering to him - this let’s your child...
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Emergency information For some peace of mind, keep these numbers handy
Reward chart Our reward chart for little girls
Vaccine tracker Keep track of innoculations from the start

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