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Telling lies: what to do when my preschooler tells a clear cut lie?

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When you catch your preschooler telling a lie, it is natural to be worried. Parents may feel that when their child lies, it reflects on their parenting abilities. This is not the case. All young children will try lying at one time or another. The best way to deal with it is to not make a big fuss over it.

Here’s a common situation in which a child will tell a lie. You come into the kitchen and see that a drink has been spilled. Your preschooler tells you that he did not do it. You know he is telling you a lie but how do you handle it? To avoid a battle over who spilled the drink, focus on having him help clean up the mess.

Alternatively, when a child does something wrong and they admit it to you, make sure to give them credit for being honest. This will encourage your child to tell the truth.

When your child tells you that there is a crocodile in the bathtub, he is simply using his imagination and you should encourage it. Unless a story is hurtful, it should not be considered as a lie.
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