These 8 bedroom storage hacks are so stylish and practical for your home

While we've all done massive clear as we start a new season, one thing that still isn't quite working for us is our storage. The carefully sorted makeup and skincare is in disarray again, our shelves can't seem to keep our clothing items separate and the bookshelves are overflowing once again. 

Our bedrooms are supposed to be places of rest and relaxation, but that's hard to do when your wardrobe is bursting open at the seams. A cluttered space means a cluttered head, so it's important that everywhere has its own place. Especially now, when for many of us, our bedrooms are still our work places. Having somewhere to put away the struggles and mess of the day is essential to keep a clear frame of mind. So we've picked out some of our favourite storage solutions that are elegant, clean and totally worth investing in. 

Floating shelves

Floating shelves are the new under-the-bed-storage of the storage hack world. They look utterly chic, take up no floor space and look decorative as well as being super functional. You've probably been seeing them all over the place right now and in every design magazine going as they're really having an interior design moment. These cube ones from Home Store + More are utterly slick, providing a frame for any ornaments you'd like to put on display, or are even just handy for popping  a few books up on. 

Shelf Organiser

Like everyone else who watched the 'The Home Edit', I've become totally obsessed with their online store 'The Organised Store'. They've come up with the most amazing solutions to your everyday problems, like this shelf organiser. I don't know how many times I've organised my jumpers and lighter tops and vests into different sections in my shelves only for them to topple and get mixed up within a week. It's super frustrating and I can never find what I'm looking for. But with a shelf organiser like this one, there's a place for everything and dividers to keep it all where it belongs. The ultimate wardrobe hack!

Under-bed roller boxes 

Under-bed storage is great in theory. But when it comes to actually trying it out, unless it's shelves that have been built into the bed's frame, they can be a little awkward. With everything jammed under a small space with no way to see labels it can be hard to pull out what we need and what we're looking for. We end up dragging it all out and creating more of a mess than ever. But roller boxes are the perfect solution! Easy in, easy out with lids on top, they keep everything contained and allow easy access. Win win!

Storage benches

Who says storage can't be beautiful? Too often when we think of storage we think of boxes and hollow ottomans trying to blend into the scenery of the room and failing miserably. Storage is necessary and something we all need, so it's as much of an investment as your couch or your dining room table should be. It's easier than ever to incorporate beautiful storage into your home, as this storage bench from IKEA proves. A piece that will work in your bedroom as a towel rail or in the hallway as a coat rack, it is utterly flexible and looks like a deliberate and thoughtful addition to the home's furnishing, rather than just something put in and clumsily hidden at the last minute when there was no room for shelves. 

Drawer organisers

I don't know about any of the rest of you, but I don't like to have all my jewellery, makeup and skincare out on top of my dressers and surfaces, getting all mixed up and ard to find. Having these things on decorative trays and hangers all look beautiful but can get cluttered-looking very quickly. I don't like to keep them in bags and pouches either, because you can never find anything or when you need to grab something quickly it's always at the bottom of the bag tangled up in something else. Drawer organisers however, are the perfect solution to the clutter and lack of accessibility problem. With everything separated out and with its own place, it's all visible, but easy to put away by simply slotting your drawer back in. 

The upgraded storage box

One of my pet peeves is the lazy usage of a storage box. You know those ones that are kind of woven, look very crafty and are kind of just thrown into the corner of the room, brimming over with magazines or blankets or God knows what else? They just make a room look messy and become a bit of a dumping ground for the things that people aren't bothered to dispose of or put away properly. And what's more, is that they generally don't have lids, so the stuff that's supposed to be put away and out of sight is still totally visible and dishevelled-looking. These velour storage boxes from Next however not only have lids so that everything is tidily sealed away, they are also a statement piece in their own right. The bright bold colours are eye-catching and add a little glamour, whether they're stacked in a corner or elegantly placed on shelves. They look intentional, rather than last minute. 

Sneaky mirror storage

While the bathroom mirror cabinet storage has been a thing for decades, the bedroom mirror storage hack is a totally different take on a classic. Again, it's so beautifully made that it could just pass for regular furniture, but the sneaky little pocket of space below is the ideal space for storing things like hats, scarves or even shoes. Tucked away neatly, it's an elegant storage solution that has double functions. 

Storage stool

Another staple in the storage world that has recently gotten an update, these usually clunky and chunky stools have been a slightly inelegant solution to the bedroom storage problem. Functional, but not always that nice to look at. It was always entirely obvious that is was storage masquerading as furniture, rather than combining the two elements of practicality and design like this dressing table stool does. Next's designs are at the top of their game, tapping into the need for beauty and function to combine in compelling little pieces like this one.