Date Night: 20 inexpensive and lovely date ideas for you and your partner

Feel like date night are getting a little expensive and falling a little flat lately? We all love going on a night out of course, but it can be expensive to be going out constantly and paying for food and drinks. Plus sometimes, we just want to do something a little different. Tap into our creative sides, get active, try something new.

Which is exactly why this master-list of 20 cheap and creative date ideas is here just in time! Browse below to see what ideas sound like you and your partner and get to it!

Man and Woman in Front of Horizon

Make t-shirts for each other

This is a super cheap and super fun one and you end up with a keepsake by the end! Grabbing a couple of plain white t-shirts from Primark or somewhere similar won’t cost much and heat transfer paper can be found cheaply at any craft store. Get your hands on a few old magazines and start cutting out pictures you both like, before arranging them into a cool design for a t-shirt! Creative, unique and fun!

Art gallery

Lots of exhibits and galleries are having free open days this year where no admission fee is required. Wander the gallery, picking out your favourites and maybe even get a few artsy photos while you’re there! Check out the gift shop afterwards and pick something small out for each other.

Go thrifting.

Woman in Brown Coat Standing Beside Woman in Black Jacket

Flea markets, antique stores, thrift shops – it’s super fun to check out the weird and wacky things that make their way into these kinds of places! You could even set yourselves a €15 limit and try to make outfits for one another in the thrift shops, or have a competition to see who can find the wackiest item!


Always heard about the trail up north of the county that has spectacular views, but you’ve never actually checked it out? What better time than now? Get your exercise in for the day, see the beautiful sights along the way and get all the fresh air you’ll need.


Woman Wearing Camera Film Onto Eyes

Dress up and drive til you find somewhere beautiful! Or maybe you already have somewhere in mind – either way, get creative with this one and really go for it. Even if the photos don’t work out, it’ll still be a fun memory and really different way to spend an afternoon!

Scavenger hunt

Either set one up yourselves around your garden or local park or do one in the nearby shopping centre. There’s absolutely no rule that says that one of the things to find can’t be your favourite snack or sweet…

Beach day

Happy Couple at the Beach

Super cheap and super fun! Bring a classic crisps and sandwich picnic along with you and you’ll have food sorted for the day too. Stretch out and relax, swim in the sea (if you're brave enough to test the temperatures), walk the beach – perfection!

Cook together

This one can be great for learning something new! If one of your takes starters and desserts the other can take the main course and see what you both come up with! A great way to try out new recipes and have fun in the kitchen together!

Be a tourist

A walking tour of your town, the local ruins, the walkway by the river – it’s all there waiting to be discovered by you! Go to the tourist office and ask for the best things to do locally – you never know – you may end up surprising yourselves by what’s right outside your own front door.

Come up with a bucketlist


Whether that’s a travel bucketlist, an experiences bucket list or even a restaurant bucket list of all the foodie places you want to try, these things can be great for dreaming and growing together. You learn a lot about the other person, their goals and desires, so it’s a conversation worth having – plus it’s fun to plan these things!

Spa day

A little selfcare never goes astray, as much as they may protest at first. Face masks, bubble baths, a couple of glasses of wine – there’s nothing wrong with a night in relaxing!

Childhood favourites movie night

Another opportunity to learn more about one another - was your partner more of Disney fan or a superhero kid? Share childhood memories by settling in for a good old fashioned movie night with popcorn, blankets and the feel-good films of our childhood.

Local dog park

Woman and Man Hugging Dog

Love dogs, but don’t have one of your own to bring for a walk? Check out the local dog park and set up shop for the day with a picnic blanket and maybe even a frisbee if you want to hang out with some doggos! Be sure to ask permission to pet them first though!

Bike riding

Find a local greenway or trail that’s full of beautiful views – and gentle inclines! It’s better if there’s a destination at the end like a cute café you’ve both wanted to try or somewhere with amazing views as a reward for the trek. Or you could bike out towards the coast and cool off in the sea afterwards!


Couple Having a Picnic

Find some of your local beauty spots and set up shop there for the day. The pure novelty makes it a really fun date and making gorgeous food like chocolate covered strawberries and little finger foods can make it all the more special.

Game night

Are you both competitive? This one could be for you! Draw up a scoreboard and play to your strengths – Scrabble, Five Second Rule, trivia, card game s- whatever you like! I’d suggest staying away from the Monopoly though – if there was ever a board game could break up a relationship, it’s that one!

Homemade pizza

Another one for the foodies! Purchase the ingredients in your supermarket along with some ready-made pizza dough and then get creative with your toppings! See who can come up with the weirdest and tastiest inventions and combos that shouldn’t work but really do!

Workout together

Happy young sportsmen sitting with crossed legs on floor and surfing smartphone together at sports hall

Find an online workout or yoga session or whatever in your local park that works for you and go for it! Get the blood pumping and get your exercise high for the day!

Paint each other’s portraits

Be as flattering or unflattering as you dare – all you need is paper, brushes and a little paint, all of which can be found cheaply in your craft stores.

Bookstore date

Back view of unrecognizable young couple in stylish outfits choosing books while standing on street near glass showcase of store during weekend

If you’re both into reading this can be a really cute one to do together. Go into your local bookstore and have a browse and try to pick out a book for each other. It can something out of their comfort zone that you think they’d like or something that is so totally them – either way, it’s a really personal and sweet date idea.