Chicken fajita quinoa bowls are our new favourite kind of Sunday meal prep

It’s Sunday which means it’s meal prep time!

We all get to that point during the week when making a healthy nutritious lunch is just too much effort, takes too much time and we end up just grabbing whatever is in front of us. Let’s be real, we all start out the week thinking we’ll eat really well (if only so we can pig out on the weekend), only to end up grazing on the nearest packet of crisps by Wednesday.

Meal prep is the solution! By batch-making you lunches on Sundays, you free yourself up during the week to really enjoy your lunch break with a healthy, delicious, ready-made meal like this absolutely fab chicken fajita quinoa bowl!

Top view of delicious healthy couscous salad with vegetables and herbs with balsamic dressing placed in white ceramic bowl with stainless steel fork

You’ll need…

300g chicken breast

1 avocado

1 cilantro

1 clove garlic

1tsp garlic powder

1 romaine lettuce

2 bell peppers

1 yellow onion

1tsp lime juice

300g quinoa

2tsp chili powder

1/2tsp paprika

1/2tsp pepper, ground

2tsp salt

2 tsp olive oil

1/2tsp cumin

2tbsp goat cheese

400ml water

Measure out your quinoa and rinse it before placing it on a large pot on your stovetop.

Add water and a pinch of salt to the pot and put it over a medium heat, covering it to let it simmer.

Heat olive oil in a separate pan over a medium heat and once heated, add in chopped garlic cloves, onion, bell peppers, salt and chili powder and fry, stirring continuously til the onion brown and the bell peppers begin to soften. Remove them from the pan.

avocado, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, spring onions, and leaves

Slice your chicken into thin strips. Add olive oil to the used pan and once heated add your chicken strips.

Season with lime juice and chili powder while cooking and after 3-4 minutes add garlic powder, paprika and cumin, as well as salt and pepper, stirring to completely coat and cook the chicken. Remove from the heat once cooked through.

Peel an avocado and place into a blender along with goat’s cheese, lime juice and dalt and blend until smooth,

Shred your romaine lettuce and serve in a bowl with the quinoa, topped with the onion-pepper mixture and seasoned chicken. Drizzle the avocado sauce over and tuck in!