A Canadian couple are speaking out after their three year old daughter was told that her sun dress was "inappropriate" for preschool. 


Speaking to CTV, parents Jamie and Sadie Stonehouse said that due to high temperatures, they didn't think twice about sending their daughter to school in her favourite sundress. 


Their daycare provider picked little Lola up from school, where staff communicated to her that the child's dress was not suitable for school. 


" [They said] that her dress was inappropriate for school, and she needed to have two-inch wide straps on her sundress,” said dad Jamie. 


Apparently staff continued to say that Lola would need to wear a t-shirt under her dress if she was to wear it again. 



“At two inches she might as well just be wearing a shirt,” Jamie explained.  “It’s covering pretty much her whole shoulder and down a bit, so it’s not even a summer dress at that point.”


Mother Sadie added that the confrontation caused her distress as she doesn't want to explain to Lola why she needs to cover up. 


“She’s not going to understand. She’s going to think that maybe she did something wrong, when she very much didn't,” she says. “So now she’s going to be questioning her own body. And that’s such a young age to even be thinking of something like that.” 


While the parents said that they will obey the dress code from now on, but hope that the daycare will consider revising their needlessly strict policies. 


“Especially for toddlers. I don’t think any girl should have to worry about how much shoulder she’s exposing when she dresses to go to school or anywhere else. At any age,” Sadie continued. 


“It’s a child," her husband agreed. "Innocence is innocence and we’re the only ones who can give it to them.” 


What do you think mums? Was the pre-school out of line?