We all need a break every now and then but sometimes the thoughts of leaving the kids for more than a few days can seem unbearable. Fortunately, we have six reasons why you need to bit the bullet and book that weekend or few days away and not feel guilty about it.
Other people love your children
Grandparents dote over their grandkids and usually can’t wait to spend a few uninterrupted days spoiling them. Spending time with other family will help your little one to connect with them and create lasting memories.
Spending too much time with the same person can leave you all a little irritable - your kids need a break away from you just as much as you need one from them.
You need couple time
Relationships need work, especially when kids and everyday life can get in the way of just being together. Unfortunately, taking your other half for granted is commonplace when you have children and time being just you has never been more important.
A bit of space can make you put things in perspective
After spending a few days away from your little ones, you will no doubt have a little bit more patience and be a little bit more persuaded to do things that otherwise would have made you sigh, like playing dolls or cars with your child.
You need other people in your life
We all need friends outside of family life, if only to help us keep our sanity and a trip away with the girls will help you look at your family a whole lot differently when you get back. Time with the girls while your kids have quality daddy time? Sure, what could be better.
To see that you are fun
Yes, you have responsibilities but that doesn’t mean you can't still have some fun. When you have kids, holidays become about the resort with the best kids’ club or family facilities and you are usually home by 11pm at the very latest.
Holidays without the kids mean lying on the beach uninterrupted, finishing a good book, fancy restaurants and nights out that help you remember that you do know how to have a good time.