Beauty myths debunked: The best skincare products for each skin type

For the last few years, the rise in popularity of finding the ‘perfect’ skincare routine for you has taken social media by storm. From skincare routines being shared on TikTok and skincare gurus like Hyram and James Welsh showing which products are the best to use on Youtube, we’ve never had so much information about our skin at our fingertips before. 

That is all well and good, and we are just as obsessed with scrolling through these videos as the next person is, but do we really know which products are necessary and what they even do for our skin in the first place?


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Certain cleansers, serums and oils have been thrown in our faces and we’ll be the first to say we’ve bought into the trends. But we’ve decided to break down the most trendy skincare products and tell you exactly how they work on your skin, so not only could you save money by not buying products you don’t really need, but you can avoid breakouts from using a product that’s not right for your skin type!


This trendy serum is a form of vitamin B3. It is used to reduce redness in the skin and reduce inflammation. It has moisture retention properties and helps to regulate oil in the skin. Overtime it can also reduce the size of pores. 

Beta-Hydroxy Acids

Known as BHA’s, they are used to exfoliate the skin. They target oil glands to help reduce the amount of oil that is produced in the skin. BHA’s work to remove the top layer of your skin and prevent breakouts. It is more suitable for oily skin as it may be too harsh on dry or sensitive skin.


These are made of amino acids which are used to decrease fine lines in the skin. They help to create firmer and plumper skin, leaving you with a youthful look. This is suitable for all skin types, especially those looking for an anti-aging step in their skincare routine.

Hyaluronic Acid

This is a great serum for moisturising the skin. Used to prevent tightness and promote more collagen and elastin in the body, hyaluronic acid improves your skin’s overall texture and look. It works great on dry skin.

Rosehip Oil

This oil is full of anti-inflammatory properties to reduce the look of blemishes and scarring. It works to brighten the skin and reduce pigmentation. As it is able to clear your skin and reduce oil production, it prevents acne.