Breakfast recipes: Mango and vanilla smoothie

There’s nothing that makes us feel like we’re living that ‘It girl’ life more than having a fresh and delicious smoothie! It sets us up for the day with a real boost of vitamins and nutrients, all in a totally yummy, fruity combo!

Super easy to make and to prep in advance, smoothies are the perfect add on to breakfast or lunch to boost your mood and enhance your day with a little tasty treat!

Mango Juice in Clear Glass Bottle

You'll need...

100g frozen mango

30ml fresh orange juice

200ml coconut milk

100ml vanilla yoghurt

1tbsp honey

¼tsp vanilla extract

sliced orange fruit on black ceramic bowl

 First, peel and slice your mango into small 1-inch pieces. Place in a lunchbox and freeze.

Slice an orange and juice it for fresh orange juice.

Next, add your frozen mango into your blender and blend to break down.

Pour in your coconut milk and vanilla yoghurt and blend again to smooth.

Lastly, add in your vanilla extract and honey. Blend one final time until the mixture is completely smooth.

Serve with ice and enjoy!

green apple beside clear drinking glass with milk