Rabbits are famous for their two front teeth, and while they have a natural instinct to keep them in good health, there are a few things you can do to ensure they stay in tip top condition.


Provide them with chew toys

Grinding their teeth together will help keep them at the right length so a few toys in their hutch should do the trick. Things like wood, straw mats and pine cones also work really well and you’ll find these in your own home.


Check their mouth regularly

You will need to check their mouth regularly for any broken teeth, warts or abscesses. If they are really not keen on you touching their face or if an area seems quite tender they may need to be taken to the vet.


Things to be aware of

Keep an eye out for drooling, weight loss, inability to eat or bad smells coming from their mouth as it could be a sign that they have an infection.


Be mindful of what you feed them

An over diet of pelleted foods can cause the teeth to overgrow as they aren’t being grinded down enough so carrots, apples and other foods that will encourage them to chew will help.