Decorate in time for Diwali with IKEA’s latest collection, AROMATISK.

IKEA is very excited to announce the launch of its stunning new collection, AROMATISK.

Launching this month, September 2022, this latest collection is inspired by the Diwali festival of lights and is an all-round celebration of the colourful and bright streets of India during its festival season.

This inspiring and eye-catching range of home accessories is designed to make your home extra cosy whilst still feeling fit for a celebration.

From colourful, patterned bedding to charming lanterns, this vibrant range showcases India’s deep-rooted traditional crafts, such as edge embroidery, block printing and indigo dyeing – all incorporated exquisitely into the collection by textile designer Luna Gil.

AROMATISK Textile Designer, Luna Gil. 

Being synonymous with the Diwali festival of lights, the marigold features prominently throughout the collection, which pairs perfectly with the bold splashes of colours and organic shapes seen within the range.


The AROMATISK collection will be available online and in store now and IKEA hopes that the collection will inspire Irish customers to celebrate this special time of year!