Emma Hammett
First Aid Instructor
About this expert
Emma Hammett is a nurse and mother who understands the importance of immediate and appropriate First Aid in a medical emergency. Emma was shocked to discover a huge variance in the  quality of First Aid training providers, and founded First Aid for Life and www.onlinefirstaid.com to fulfil her passion for ensuring people receive the highest standard of relevant First Aid training.
Emma‘s career path has been varied and unconventional. She trained as a Nurse at St Thomas’ and worked at numerous hospitals across South West London in all specialities from Burns Units, A&E, Acute Admissions, Medicine for the Elderly, Paediatrics, and also nursed at Wandsworth Prison.
Emma then went on to work as a Hospital Manager with the NHS at Hammersmith, Charing Cross, Queen Charlotte and Acton Hospitals. She was responsible for eight divisions of Medicine, 300+ staff, out of hours’ senior management and major incident cover for all the hospital sites.
After the birth of her second child, Emma looked for a more flexible career and trained as a Community ESOL teacher, teaching English to parents at three local primary schools.
All of the above experience enabled Emma to establish First Aid for Life; finally fulfilling her passion and dreams of empowering people to gain the skills and confidence to help in a medical emergency.
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