Theme parks are fantastic destinations for families with attractions and things to do for the whole family. However, before rushing off to enjoy a holiday at a theme park, there is quite a lot of planning to do to ensure that you have the holiday of a lifetime.
One of the most important things to do when planning a theme park holiday is to ensure that you get value for money. Book your theme park tickets online and in advance, as there are usually great deals being offered. Big savings are also to be had if there are two or three families travelling together as a group. If you are a single parent it is a good idea to travel with another parent with children the same age as yours. This way, the children can enjoy themselves together, and another adult will be able to give a helping hand.
Do your research properly and find out which attractions will suit your children best. This way, you will be able to plan rides and attractions to suit your children’s ages and avoid waiting times.
Do not leave home without a good guidebook so you can check the park entry times and learn which attractions run on limited schedules. Park maps are also available at your hotel or other choice of accommodation so you can review the schedule before going to the park.
It is very important to allow for resting times and meeting your favorite characters as well. Remember too that a lot of your time will be spent strolling around in between attractions and rides to take in the magic and enchantment of the theme park.
Another trick to getting the most out of your theme park holiday is to arrive as early as you possibly can, and to stay as late as you can as well. Getting there when the park opens means that you will be able to enjoy some of the more popular rides before the crowds start arriving. Sunday evenings are also usually quieter as many people are on their way home to get ready for work on Monday.
It is also a good idea to eat earlier or later than usual to avoid long queues.
Alternatively, you can pack a lunch box for your children to eat while they wait in the queues. Theme parks are large and very tiring so make sure that you take regular breaks to give your family time to rest in between all the excitement. Also, if you have younger children, keep them in mind when you are doing your scheduling.
It is normal for people to walk to the left as they enter the theme park. If you turn to the right as you enter the park, you will be going against the crowds, so you should encounter shorter queues, especially if you go early.
If you have preschool children, then it is a great idea to go to theme parks out of season. The reason for this is that hotels and theme parks encourage visitors by offering discounts so you will more than likely save a lot of money by going at these times - queues will be a lot shorter as well.
Parades are wonderful, but they coincide with the times for the popular rides. After watching a parade, make sure to rush to the popular rides, or alternatively, skip the parades altogether.
Meals at theme parks are extremely pricey and most times unhealthy so make a point of eating well before leaving for the park. Bring your own snacks and refreshments - not only to save money, but to save on queues as well. As there are arcade games at theme parks as well, you might have to remind your children that they are there for the rides and attractions and not to spend hours playing games in the arcade.
Another good idea is to check out the free passes that are offered. These can reduce your waiting time drastically, and are very cheap and sometimes even free.
If you are planning to visit a theme park during the summer months, do remember to bring plenty of bottled water, sunshades, and sun block for protection against the harsh sun. At this time of the year, it is also wise to spend some time inside watching the shows at the water parks.