Have the tissues at the ready, because this video will make you ugly cry. 


Twitter user and hih school student, Morgan, hasn't been able to walk on her own for the best part of a year. 


She explains in an earlier post that she had had surgery which had gone wrong, leading to a conversion disorder. This disorder affects the nervous system, meaning that she had trouble walking and using her limbs. 


Ten months later, prom rolls around, so she decided to surprise her date.... by walking again. 


Seriously though, this reaction is so pure. 



At first, he doesn't process what he's seeing, then once she stars walking, he physically jumps back in surprise. 


“How did you do that?” he asked, running forward to hug her.  “Y’all got me good.” 


Just look at how amazing they looked together! 



Twitter is loving the video, which has been viewed over 11 million times and restored our faith in humanity. 



We really hope that the amazing duo had a magical night at the ball- because we're bawling.