Got leftover candle wax? Here’s how you can easily remove and repurpose it

We love burning a scented candle in the evenings, but nothing irritates us more than when it doesn’t burn evenly. All of a sudden, the candle’s wick has burned down to a stump, and we’re left with a tonne of unmelted wax.

If it’s a scent that you really love, or if the candle was an expensive one and purchased as a treat, then the last thing you want to do is throw it away when you know it hasn’t reached its full potential. 

Don’t fret though - there are still plenty of uses for it! If you’ve got a candle or two with leftover wax still in them, we promise it’s extremely easy to get the remaining wax out of there.

All you have to do is place the candle into a saucepan with boiled water in it. Allow it to sit there for a few minutes, and the heat will loosen the wax and allow you to scoop it out!

Now, once you’ve got the wax, what can you do with it? Well, we have a few options for you that we think you’ll absolutely love:

1. Wax melts

As the wax is already softened, this is the perfect time to reform it into some wax melts! Obviously, it depends on how much leftover wax you have, but you should still be able to create a handful of melts out of it. They also make adorable presents for someone you love!

To make them, allow the wax to melt completely and cool down to room temperature. Then, divide the liquid into an ice cube tray and pop it into the freezer for a few hours.

Then, once they have hardened, pop them out of the casings and you’ll have some brand-new wax melts! To use, place one on top of a candle warmer and put a tealight underneath. Simple!

2. Tealights

If you don’t own a candle warmer but you still want to create something similar to wax melt, then how about a tealight? Tealights can be used in every occasion, and they’re especially lovely to keep outside during the evenings.

Once your leftover wax is melted, simply pour it into an empty tealight cup and allow it to harden. 

3. Scented pouches

These little pouches can do wonders for your home, especially in areas where you feel like it’s lacking a bit of freshness.

As usual, allow your leftover candle wax to soften again before taking it out, separating it and letting it harden again. Then, once it has been broken into smaller pieces, pop your bits of wax into linen pouches and seal the bags up. You can place these anywhere in your home but we would recommend clothes storage areas, to keep them smelling delightful!