The humble pudding  -  probably the most divisive item on the Christmas dinner menu, of all time. Some absolutely love it, yet a lot of people truly despise it. 


While most of us are usually full after our (at least) two helpings of the turkey with all the trimmings, we still enjoy a little something sweet at the end of the meal. 


So why not deviate from tradition this year and try one of our delicious alternative Christmas cakes? 



1. Christmas spiced chocolate cake


2. Mini chocolate Christmas puddings


3. Eggnog cheesecake


4. Triple chocolate trifle


5. Peanut butter cheesecake bomb


6. Clementine yoghurt Christmas cake


7. Salted caramel Swiss roll


8. Coconut cake


9. Christmas chocolate brownie cake


10. No bake mincemeat cheesecake


11. Chocolate crunch torte with pistachios and sour cherries


12. Raspberry yule log


13. Spiced rum bamkuchen


14. Lemon curd tart with pecan citrus sauce


15. Chocolate yule log