Hitting the dance floor? Make it easier with these handy heels hacks!

One of the great joys of life is glam night out - we love taking any opportunity to overdress!

We just have one problem - we can’t wear heels to save our lives.

We spend as much time as we can during the week in our fluffy socks or slippers or our favourite pair of trainers, and so every time we strap our heels back on for a great night out at the weekend, we end up in pain less than an hour into our evening.

2 Women in White Dress Sitting on Brown Wooden Floor

If the agony of heels aren’t for you, then that is completely fair enough. Rock your pair of flats and dance the night away comfortably!

However, if like me, you love wearing them but dread the thought of the blisters the next morning, listen up to our top comfort tips for your heels. With these hacks, you’ll be strutting your stuff like a pro in no time!

Watch what heels you’re buying

We’ve all bought them. Those to-die-for heels that literally kill your feet. When we wear heels, almost 90% of our body weight presses down o the balls of our feet, meaning it’s unevenly distributed, therefore causing the pain we feel when wearing high shoes. The higher the heel, the worse the pressure.

So although you might not want to hear it, there are certain shoe styles and heights we should be avoiding if we want support and pain-free heels. Firstly, anything over 3.5 inch heel heights is no going to evenly distribute the pressure on your feet, so we’re not saying use kitten heels, but bear in mind a heightened heel is heightened pain. If you need more height than that but don’t want to compromise on foot health, check out platforms as a handy solution for a few extra inches in height.

Secondly, the chunkier the heel, the better the weight will be distributed! Block heels are a great option and we see lots of these in the summer on sandals, but an even better one is wedge heels! The support up through the arch and heel means you are better balanced and won’t suffer from the normal pressure points of heels!

Some heeled shoes to avoid are clear plastic heels, heels with no straps or support except for ones across the toes, heels made from rough materials like woven rattan and heels with a flip-flop-like toe that connects with the shoe between your first and second toe. These kinds of shoes offer no support and can actually damage your feet with regular use.

Break them in

Person Wearing Pair of White Girls Rule Text-printed Socks

No, this doesn’t just mean wandering around your home in heels for a few hours here and there. We’re talking properly stretching out your heels to create room and give in the fabric they’re made of. This means putting on your biggest, chunkiest pair of socks and wearing them with the heels while switching the hairdryer on high heat on them. The heat will cause the fabric to expand around the socks, giving your feet more room when it comes to wearing them barefoot later!

Get a grip


Narrow feet or ankles? Heel grips could be the answer if your feet end up sliding forward in your shoes. This works particularly well in court shoes, giving you the ultimate professional glam look, with a little added comfort. No more clip-clopping around in heels that fall off the backs of your feet!

Stick it out


Sticky padded inserts on the soles of your shoes are an absolute lifesaver for all heel types. Whether you go with silicone, gel or the increasingly popular moleskin, this is a guaranteed way to make heel-wearing less painful. Adding support to your arches and a soft cushioning to take away some of the pressure on the balls of your feet, this is a must-try for any regular heel-wearer.