It’s your first trip away together without the kids since you can remember.
You’ve a romantic destination lined-up, a luxurious hotel, and an array of couple’s activities booked - so what could go wrong?
Well, quite a few things actually.
Here are some common travel pitfalls that every couple faces and solutions to help you avoid them.
Too much of a good thing: You planned this holiday to spend romantic time together, what you didn’t expect was how much all that togetherness would end up annoying you. Periodically engage in a little alone time on your holiday. You’ll have just enough space to miss your other half, and enough time to do and see the things alone that he has no interest in. 
Sexual expectations: There is quite a lot of pressure to make the most of that expensive hotel room, or the uninterrupted time away from the kids. While you’ve packed your good lingerie, all these expectations may do more harm than good for your libido. Try trading these high sexual expectations for cuddles in the morning instead. Ignore the pressure to be on a second honeymoon, and you’ll be surprised at how much in the mood you actually are.
Opposing ideas of ‘holiday’: You love to take in all the sights and sounds your destination has to offer. He’d rather sleep in, or play golf on the resort instead. What’s a couple to do? The answer is compromise. Don’t play social directors and monopolise the trip with your personal agenda. Keep a positive attitude and have fun. 
The unexpected: Travelling will always bring its share of logistical nightmares. Expect the unexpected and take comfort in knowing the worst disasters make the best storytelling fodder.
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