Immune boosting recipes

Salmon and cucumber sushi sandwiches
These sushi sandwiches are loaded with Omega 3 which is the main fatty oils essential in brain development. Not to mention they are delicious and fun for the children to have in their lunchboxes.
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Mexican chicken soup
A scrumptious soup for cold days, it’s quite hearty and crammed with healthy ingredients to ward off colds and flu.
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Pumpkin seed clusters
Most often eaten at Halloween, pumpkin seeds are so amazing for you, keep them in the press year round. This simple recipe is sure to get your kids to gobble up this fantastic source of vitamin E, zinc and Omega 3s, all of which keep your immune system strong.
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Homemade coleslaw and ham sandwich
These sandwiches are filled with a special ingredient - Vitamin K. This absolutely essential vitamin helps in building strong bones and prevents heart disease.
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Kale crisps
We want to dazzle your child’s taste buds and sneak the goodness in with this crispy snack packed with nutrients and flavour.
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Berry and oat muffins
Berries are one of nature’s elixirs. These muffins are packed with vitamin C and oats which give energy and a healthy dose of fibre.
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Fruit salsa
This delicious salsa, makes an excellent after-school snack, it is filled with fruits which are all major sources of vitamin C.
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Turkey roll ups with fresh pesto
Homemade pesto is incredibly easy to make and absolutely delicious. Basil is known to have disease preventing and health promoting properties. 
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Feta, spinach dip
This is a delicious, low fat dip packed with protein and iron. Iron is a main fatigue busting mineral essential to a growing child's diet.
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Mushrooms and pepper calzones
Mushrooms are full of beta-glucan, which helps the body fight disease, and essential minerals like folate, magnesium and zinc. This tasty recipe will even entice little mushroom-haters to eat these nutritional powerhouses.
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