If your little one is a huge Lego fan, then a trip to Legoland Windsor, made up of 55 million Lego bricks, will completely blow their mind.  From the moment we walked into the hotel lobby, the kids were ridiculously excited. 
The theme park is suitable for kids aged between 3-12 years of age and has over 50 interactive rides, shows and attractions to keep youngsters and parents entertained. 
The park is big and incredibly popular, so like any busy theme park, expect to spend some time queuing at the popular rides. If you really hate queuing, avoid going during the school holidays and avoid the popular rides at key times.  If you don't mind, know that the amazing attractions are worth it.
The park offers so much for families that it will be hard to find fault. The best advice to give parents would be to head to the park early and hit the popular rides like the Dragon Roller Coaster as soon as you get there, as they can get pretty busy. The gates open at 10am for the general public and the earlier you arrive, the better.   As we stayed in the resort hotel, we had the benefit of getting into the park at 9.30am which was a great bonus.  During this half hour, around six of the rides are open but you can cover all six if you move quickly.  They include some popular ones such as The Driving School, Atlantis Submarine and Dino Safari - all of which our children loved. 
The best way to get the most out of the theme park is to go for two days and stay at the Legoland Windsor Resort, which is located right in the middle of the park.  Whilst you will get a lot done in the two days, don’t expect to be able to visit everything as there is so much to do especially if you have very young children. 
Try to plan your trip around your child’s age - there are height restrictions for some rides and you don't want to end up with a tired, disappointed child. The mini Lego village and water rides are definitely a must visit, as well as The Vikings' River Splash and the Pirate Falls Dynamite Drench, which didn't have huge queues the days we visited.  You definitely get wet so bring your rain jacket with you or you can buy a rain poncho on the day. 
When it comes to feeding your little ones, there are lots of restaurant facilities available but you can also bring a packed lunch or snacks in case your little ones get hungry.  In some restaurants, the children ate free after 3pm. 
The hotel has great facilities including a swimming pool which we loved and visited at the end of the evening each day.   The resort hotel location ensured we didn't have to walk far at all to get to and from the park which was great because the little ones were tired.  With treasure trails, themed lifts and movies on demand, the kids will be kept entertained even when the park is closed. In a true ode to fun, the resort's room are amazing and you can even choose between a Pirate, Kingdom or Adventure themed room to sleep in.  There is a lovely touch of a 'treasure chest' (safe) in each room with a little surprise for each guest - the kids need to break the code to open it which kept our two busy for a while. 
To dine in the hotel, there are two options.  The first is the bar which works off general menu and the second is Bricks restaurant where families can enjoy a buffet meal.  The food was good with the highlight for the kids being the lower child height service areas and the free-flowing ice cream from the soft scoop ice cream machine and accompanying sprinkles!  Food ranges from perennial child favourites including sausages, waffles, chicken nuggets and chips to more 'proper food' options such as roasts, pasta dishes, stir fry and salad options - suffice it to say, you won't leave hungry.  Each evening, before and after dinner, there is entertainment in the bar area to keep the children happy whilst you relax after the long day. 
Legoland is really great fun, and while it's aimed at a slightly younger crowd, parents will have a good time too. The grounds are immaculate, the staff are helpful and friendly, there is plenty to keep everyone happy and the hotel will mean the fun can continue right through to the night.    As with all hotels, the cost to stay varies by date. The cost of entry into the park also varies by how far in advance you buy your tickets - we suggest buying your ticket online to make the best savings and the least hassle on the day of arrival.  Under 3's have free entry into the park. 
We give the park and hotel a five-star rating which is a must-visit on your list of places to bring the kids.  For more information and to book, visit the Legoland Windsor Resort website now. 
How to get there:
We flew into Heathrow Airport and hopped into a taxi to take us the 13 mile journey.  We found that easiest and the least hassle.  If you wanted to extend your visit, you could pick up a rental and drive into Windsor village to take in the castle and park.  It's well worth a visit but is not something you will do on a 2 day trip to the Legoland Resort as you will be wrecked after your long days in the park. 
You can extend your trip by heading into London - you best option for this journey with a family of 4 and holiday bags, believe it or not, is to book a car on Uber, the smart phone app.