Need inspiration for Autumn decor? We’ve found gorgeous interior design ideas

Autumn has finally arrived and we must admit, even though we love the bright sunny days of summer, we can’t wait to be in the midst of Autumnal weather this year.

What better way to prepare for the new season than to deck out your home in some Autumn-themed decor! There’s nothing quite like a revamp to make your home feel warm and cosy for the cold months that are inching their way towards us. From tiny pumpkins and splashes of orange to seasonal candles and gorgeous wreaths, check out our ideas below to create the perfect Autumn theme in your home this year!



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Garlands are a great way to add Autumn colours to your home if you’re not keen on having pumpkins everywhere. They brighten up any space without having to do any work- simply place it on your mantelpiece, shelf or windowsill and this statement piece will do all the work with creating that Autumn look. 

Candles, candles everywhere


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We’re firm believers in having candles lighting all year round with fragrances to compliment each season. Filling your home with gorgeous scents of pumpkin pie, toasted marshmallow, cinnamon and spiced apple will not only make your home smell incredible, but will add to the warming and cosy feelings that we all crave during these colder months.

Tiny pumpkins

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween you know! We love adding a small pumpkin here and there, like on our coffee table and windowsills, to subtly add the Autumn theme to our home. Buying ceramic pumpkins means you can use them for years to come, and they can be bought in a variety of colours to match your home. 

Muted tones 

If you don’t love the bright oranges, red and yellows that are usually associated with Autumn, we get you! Sometimes they’re too busy and distracting to look at when you want to chill for the evening on your couch or tuck up in bed with a good book. That’s why muted tones like taupe, sage green and neutral browns are a great way to introduce an Autumn theme into your home without drastically changing the colour-scheme. Some pampas grass, indoor plants and neutral decorations will work wonders.


The trend of using wreaths on our doors all year round instead of just at Christmas time has become increasingly popular and we’re here for it! We love holly wreaths with little robins on and Easter wreaths with eggs and feathers, but there’s something about an Autumnal wreath that brings us pure joy. Leaves, bows, berries, pinecones and pumpkins- a summary of all the great elements Autumn has to offer, right on our door.

Cosy vibes

Autumn is a time when we all want to be warm and cosy as we transition from sunny summer before we face the chilling weather during Winter. That’s why it’s an ideal time to stock up on blankets and cushions to warm up and stay relaxed on these colder evenings. Greens and oranges are great colours to include if you want to build the ultimate cosy fort right in your sitting room.