Meatless Mondays are a great way to introduce vegetarian dinners to your family. Depending on your schedule, you could decide to have your veggie night any day of the week, the most important is just to stick to it. 


Gradually, you might see yourself cooking more and more vegetarian recipes, without even noticing it.


The benefits? There are plenty, including increasing your vegetable intake (and therefore your fibre and vitamin intake), saving money and making a gesture for the environment.


The following recipes will give you loads of inspiration on what to cook this week and next!



1. Tagliatelle with vegetable ragu




2. Courgette pancakes with feta and peppers




3. Vegetarian pad thai




4. Roasted vegetable lasagne




5. Cauliflower cheese




6. Vegetarian quiche




7. Spinach and ricotta crumble




8. Spicy black bean fajitas with avocado salsa




9. Stuffed sweet potatoes




10. Kale penne carbonara




11. Asian salad




12. Stuffed aubergines




13. Lentil shepherd’s pie with butternut squash



14. Tomato, olive oil and basil pizza



15. Lentil burgers



16. Butternut squash wedges with crispy kale and houmous