Oh the glamour: The most statement TV and movie wedding dresses to hit the screens

We love a good rom-com. And one of our favourite moments in these hilarious, lovey-dovey movies and shows? The big build up to the wedding!

The drama, the passionate love and the fashion – we just love it! And the big reveal of the wedding dress is the best part – so we’ve picked some of our favourite wedding dress reveal moments over the years of tv and films. Dresses that had our jaws dropping and dresses we’re determined to copy when the time comes. Which one is your favourite?

Bella Swan – Twilight, Breaking Dawn Part I


The hype around this dress was unbelievable. I remember interviews with the cast freaking out that there were press helicopters flying overhead trying to get shots of the dress from above and filming had to be stopped to protect it from being published before the film was out. Madness!

(Marie Claire)

Anyway, this stunningly simple dress portrayed Bella’s simplistic and subtle style, hogging her stunning figure and making her look totally classic and old school – for her old school husband. The Carolina Herrera dress in crepe satin and French Chantilly lace is totally unique and one-of-a-kind, made for the film only. And don't even get me started on the detailing on the back - that dress started a movement!

Princess Mia – Princess Diaries II


This 2004 classic is the movie that made us all want to be princesses. Allegedly inspired by British-born, Belgian-raised Claire Coombs’ wedding dress, the simple elegance is a classic royalty look. Understated but delicate and gorgeous, the lace bardot neckline and lace veil give it that classic bridal look.

Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City I

(Marie Claire)

We can always count on Carrie to bring the drama! Gathered ivory swathes of fabric drape Parkers’ delicate frame, and the extended pointed bodice gives the whole look an almost oversized feel, not dissimilar to a Marie-Anotinette style look. The feathered statement blue headpiece with the frothy veil certainly give it a regal and overstated feel that is classic Carrie – now if only the wedding had worked out!

Rose - Downton Abbey


As much as I wanted to pick Mary or Edith for this, Rose’s gown just had to be the winner. Mary and Edith’s gowns are simple and unbelievably elegant – especially Mary’s headpiece – but the dropped waistlines and plain fabric just aren’t show stopping. Rose’s dress however, with its empire line and gold leaf overlay is stop-you-in-your-tracks beautiful. Delicate tulle cascades down her figure while an intricate pattern of gold gives it that real mix of the 20s and 30s eras. Definitely a winner.

Sophie - Mamma Mia

(Wedding Ideas Mag)

I have to say of all the wedding dresses listed here today, this one always stuns me. The silvery tulle, the dreamy flower crown, the delicate but flowing veil – it’s an island wedding dream with a splash of cottage-core. Timelessly beautiful, it’s a dress out of a fairytale, utterly feminine and flowing.

Jennifer Lopez - Monster in Law


Anything would look amazing on JLo, but this wedding dress truly takes the cake. The v-neck bodice-style top hugs her figure while keeping a classic shape. The structured silk sweeps into a full princess dress, which usually are a little much for me, but the simplicity of this design blows you away, meaning it all looks extremely classy and natural.

Juliet Capulet – Romeo and Juliet


Stunning. Surprising. Statement. So much more sad knowing the ending. Regardless, this costume move shocked lots of people at the time as the dress is very pared back, short and a completely non-traditional choice for such an iconic moment. The structured silk tea dress features a high collar with a delicate buttoned front – of course looking gorgeous on Claire Dane’s ballerina-esque figure. It’s almost 50s style with the cinched waist and poodle-like skirt. We don’t see much of it in the movie and a lot of people refer to the iconic angel look at the start of the film, so I feel like this gorgeous number doesn’t get enough love.

Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl


Iconic. Going against the grain of her princess-like tendencies, this blue (!) number shocked and divided fans at the time, with many disappointed Blair hadn’t indulged her more extravagant side. But this wedding dress truly captures Blair’s true look: Classy, sophisticated, statement and eye-catching. The incredibly detailed beading, slim silhouette and small train give it that extra oomph and create an iconic look.