Online vintage shops with STUNNING pieces

As we all become increasingly aware of how the choices we make impact the world around us, I think a lot of us have been turning away from fast fashion. Particularly during the pandemic, there was no need to change up our wardrobe every season, as there was nowhere to wear any of it. Fashion brand flailed trying to adapt to the new norm of loungewear and pyjamas and sales dropped off in work wear and going out gear. 

I think this was the interruption in the cycle that we needed. I am the first to say that I love clothes and shopping, but something that has always bothered me is the idea that to keep trendy, we need to have the latest  thing - whether that's a mesh blouse or a midi skirt with a slit or those teeny glasses that everyone was rocking that are now suddenly 'out'. What happens to those pieces when their moment in the sun is over? We buy the next big thing and adapt our wardrobes around it.

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We fall into a cycle of becoming slaves to trends. It's never-ending, the message that your wardrobe just needs these few things to be up to date every few weeks. And it's completely unsustainable. Should your wardrobe not reflect you, rather than what you're being told is 'in'? Should it not be full of staple pieces that you can customise to your own tastes? 

Some say sustainable shopping is a luxury decision, but if you think of the money spent of lots of cheap items vs on one good winter coat, or a 'wear it lots of ways' dress that can be dressed up or down, the decision is simple. Lasting pieces that aren't subject to a fad, but are stylish enough to last the test of time - look no further than your local vintage shops.

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Utterly cool, and totally sustainable, these fashion outlets are the way forward. With every trend nowadays seeming to be one sort of throwback or another (the seventies are back, just an FYI) everything you need to be 'on trend' will be there. These clothes have stood the test of time, both in make and style, plus, you'll never be wearing the same thing as anyone else!

Check out some of our fave online and in-person Irish vintage stores that are shipping orders out right now!

By the Moon Vintage

Run by the lovely Vittoria, an Italian based in Dublin, By the Moon Vintage was founded based on Vittoria's passion for the arts & literature of the 1890s-1920s era. The styles she supplies are heavily influenced by or are from the Victorian & Edwardian era...romantic, billowy lines, lots of lace and broderie anglaise, cotton & linen, and a dreamy palette of whites, creams and soft pastels. And lots of Italian pieces too, of course.

Vintage Pure Cotton Ruffle Collar Austrian Blouse

This gorgeous, pure cotton vintage Austrian blouse has a dramatic ruffle jabot collar entirely worked in broderie anglaise. Traditional puff sleeves complete the look.

Vintage Black Velvet Jacket with Puff Sleeves

Every vintage & antique item is unique and handpicked by her, and she loves giving these pieces a second life - matching them to people who she knows will love and treasure them for generations. 

1970s Vintage Suede Trenchcoat

She urges people to shop secondhand, and talks about how buying vintage actively helps the planet, curbing fast fashion consumption. It saves beautiful and often rare clothes from ending up in a landfill. 

100% Cotton Austrian Pie Crust Blouse

It empowers everyone (regardless of gender, age or background) to find a truly unique style voice, using imagination and personality, without being a slave to trends. (Not to mention, you will never again be seen at an event wearing the exact same thing as somebody else!)

Vintage Pure Silk 80s Jumpsuit

From dramatic puff sleeve blouses and romantic antique nightgowns to Laura Ashley vintage blouses and monogrammed corset covers, in this handpicked selection you will find the dreamy throwback your heart is longing for! Every vintage & antique item is freshly laundered, ready to wear and individually and lovingly gift-wrapped. 

Dublin Vintage Factory

Dublin vintage factory is Ireland's premier vintage clothing kilo store, selling top grade vintage clothing from around the world.

San Francisco navy glitter gown

Their kilo store is based in the heart of Temple Bar Dublin, and with over ten years working with their suppliers, their aim is to bring you top grade vintage garments at affordable prices.

Creation Madamoisellle 80s Dress (14)

Their online stock is carefully handpicked by their team and is available to buy online or collect in store.

Frankenwalder 90s Blouse

Full of proper old school gems, this store caters for men and women and covers every era and trend you can imagine!

80s Teal Blouse

Tola Vintage

The up and coming vintage store based in Dublin's Temple bar is a specialist in 80s and 90s pieces and we are LIVING for it.

As well as collecting and selling on items, they even rework some of the clothing that comes through the shop to make them more wearable and current.

They source their clothing from all over the world to get the rarest unique pieces for the store and website.

Their kilo sales and warehouses are full of amazing finds and gorgeous upcycled clothing.

Vintage finds you

Naomi of Vintage Finds You is described as a true Veteran of Vintage. She brings you a truly unique vintage collection, each piece being individually sourced with her keen eye.

Vintage Miu Miu Leather Jacket

She ensures you can express your individual style with original vintage pieces from all over the world. The full collection has a range of pieces form the 1930’s - 1990s and is definetly more te high-end of vintage shopping.

70s Vintage Black Dress

Whether you’re searching for bespoke vintage couture or if you’re just dipping your toe in the vintage pool of gems for the first time, Naomi has something for everyone.

50s Vintage Couture Dress

Browse the collection and find your special piece, safe in the knowledge you won't see anyone in the same piece as you. 

Vintage Sheepskin Coat

Finders Keepers Bray

Finders Keepers is a small independently run vintage and lifestyle shop based in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

70's Belted Brown Leather Jacket M

The shop focuses on creating a great community around making better choices for each other and the planet. All aspects of Finders Keepers is as sustainable as possible, including home compostable mailers, minimal packaging, carbon neutral deliveries and supporting Irish when it is possible to do so.

70’s Paisley Dress M

When you support businesses like this, you are making a dream come true and getting something special and one of a kind in return.

80's Rose Knit S

The Harlequin 

This Dublin based vintage store is a true treasure trove of vintage finds. 

Cream Vintage  1950s Mohair Scarf XL

Extending beyond just clothes, this collection covers jewellery, accessories and footwear. Their website's layout is clean, user-friendly, and chocked full of amazing finds.

Marc Jacobs New Bronze Matailc Skirt 6 26

Spanning every era, these items are a size-inclusive and have something for every taste.

Blue & White Graphic Print Tie Neck Blouse M/L

There is really no excuse not to shop sustainably these days. With so many great options out there and throwback trends happening all the time, it's not only good for the planet, but it keeps you stylish and on-trend. And these are just the Irish shops! Have we forgotten any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments!