Recipe: You’ve got to try this vanilla pavlova topped with mixed summer fruits

Now that the weather is finally a bit warmer, it’s time to make the most out of our delicious summer fruits which are in season right now.

That means making a whole lot of our favourite vanilla pavlova, and topping it with juicy mixed berries and fruit — yum!

This foolproof recipe is a summer staple in our house, as it’s incredibly easy to make with very little forward planning required, and it’s gluten-free which makes it perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Simply swap out whatever toppings you like, whether it be strawberries and raspberries or mango and peaches, and dig in!

Prep Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 90 mins


6 large eggs

275g caster sugar

Half tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp corn flour

Half tsp white vinegar

480ml cream

200g mixed fruits

Chocolate curls and icing sugar to decorate

Preheat the oven to 150°C / 300°F / Gs Mark 2. Grease a flat 36cm x 26cm / 14in x 10in baking tray lightly and cover with baking parchment.

Place the egg whites in a clean, dry mixing bowl with no trace of oil or grease.

Mix with an electric mixer on setting two for 2-3 minutes until the egg whites become firm and hold their shape. 

Add the sugar one dessert spoon at a time until the egg whites become glossy and velvety. The test is to turn the bowl upside down - when the mix is ready it is so stiff that it doesn't move. 

Add the vanilla extract, corn flour and vinegar and gently mix for 30 seconds on setting one. 

Using a spatula, spoon the mixture onto the baking tray forming a rectangular shape. If you want to go for a round shape, carefully pour out your mixture onto a large lined baking tray, moulding it into a round shape using a spatula as you pour.

Place in the preheated oven for about 70-80 minutes. Keep the oven door closed. 

As it bakes the colour will change from gleaming white to pale beige. Turn off the oven but leave the pavlova in the oven to cool.

When ready to dress it, gently slip it off the baking parchment onto a presentation dish. 

To dress with a casual look, whip the cream loosely and pile onto the pavlova, spreading it to the edge. Pile the fruit in the centre. 

If you like, you can sprinkle chocolate curls, all over the pavlova and dust with sieved icing sugar to finish.