So it turns out that e-scooters are the most eco-friendly, cost effective transport trend

Are you on the hunt for a new car, or perhaps you’re thinking about upgrading your bike? If so, then think again, as e-scooters are now the most eco-friendly, cost effective transport trend!

Now that restrictions are starting to ease and we’re out and about a lot more often many of us are reconsidering our means of transport. However, it’s time we take a new approach to getting from A to B with the help of Urban Movement and their range of Electric Scooters.

As Ireland’s first homegrown e-scooter brand, Urban Movement are the answer to those wanting to avoid the dreaded bumper to bumper daily grind, rising fuel prices, all the while doing their bit to switch to a more environmentally friendly mode of transport.

Not yet convinced? Here are 5 reasons why Urban Movement is the ‘move’ in the right direction;

The Greener Choice:

Powered by rechargeable batteries, E-Scooters are free from emissions, making them an essential choice for those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint, and also save some much-needed coin which otherwise is spent on filling up the petrol tank. With Car Pollution one of the major causes of global warming due to carbon dioxides and greenhouse gases emitted, Urban Movement is the cleaner, greener choice.

Our Time Is Precious:

With time being of the essence and free hours in the day now only a luxurious dream, it’s time to pull back some of those precious moments for ourselves, instead of spending them wasting away on public transport or behind the wheel of the car. Be it working from home, or back to office life once again, allow Urban Movement to take the stress away from bus delays or hitting each red light during the day. Not only are they the zippy alternatives to gas-guzzling hatchbacks, the rising trend of e-scooting’ around also results in fewer cars on the road, meaning we can spend less time in road traffic and more time chasing that work-life balance. 

Embrace The Outdoors:

With 20% of the Oxygen we breathe going straight to feeding our brains, aiding its function, increasing the amount of fresh air we get can help in providing greater clarity, not to mention it’s also good for the soul to enjoy some much needed time away from the day to day slog and embrace the outdoors.

Mind your Mind:

Increasing the time we spend outside, as opposed to indoors or stuck in our cars, will be beyond beneficial for our mental health. Whizzing around freely on an e-scooter not only exposes us to fresh air but at the same time allows us to be present, to watch the world go by, while also keeping an eye on the road ahead! It provides us with a moment to reflect, to think and to find peace in the present.

Reduce Congestion:

Ditching the car for an electric scooter is not only a greener, cleaner way to travel, but it also reduces road congestion and public transport congestion. It means less time spent in traffic and less time in a cramped space with no fresh air. Getting out and about in the fresh air and moving freely in a safe, green and fun way on your e-scooter will most certainly reduce congestion as well as stress levels. 

Described as not just a scooter brand but a lifestyle choice, Urban Movement’s Move Free WX800 and Go Getter RT75 models are a light, chargeable e-scooter for today’s busy, environmentally-conscious commuter. 

With a sleek exterior and steel frame, they are the most modern scooter options on the market, with a wide range of features that all add to their versatility. Including an easily removable battery that allows you to charge it when you arrive at the office so you can travel home again with ease following a charge time of just 3 to 4 hours. Travel distance following a full battery charge is up to 20km with a maximum speed of 25km per hour.

The Urban Movement Go Getter RT75, €399 / £350, and Move Free WX800, €499 / £450, are available now at