That rainbow! Firefighter organises the COOLEST gender reveal EVER


We love a good gender reveal, especially when it’s personalised to the couple who are excited to become Mum and Dad. The following, accordingly, has to be one of our favourite gender reveals of all time.


When Brandon and Tiffany Crank found out that they were expecting their second child, they knew that they wanted to do a fun gender reveal for their friends and family.


They didn’t have to look too far for inspiration, either. Brandon has been a firefighter for 15 years, and he called upon his colleagues to lend a hand with the big reveal, held on Mother’s Day.


Tiffany’s sister found out the gender of ‘Crank Baby 2.0’ and, along with a colleague of Brandon’s, organised for a reveal of epic proportions, featuring a fire truck and a drone.



The couple invited their loved ones to an empty park, where they waited for the unveiling to begin. Each person waved either a pink or a blue ribbon, symbolic of their guesses as to whether it was going to be a boy or a girl.


While the fire truck geared up to release a giant jet of water – either pink for a girl, or blue for a boy – a drone flew overheard to capture footage of the exciting moment.


Finally, the couple – who are already parents to a little boy – watched the water jet emerge from the hose. We’re not going to spoil the big reveal for you – you’ll have to check out the gorgeous video that Brandon edited together and uploaded to YouTube.


The footage is nothing short of beautiful, but our favourite – and coincidental – element has to be that gorgeous rainbow emerging just beneath the water stream.



Baby Crank is due on October 3. We’re wishing the family all the best with the exciting journey ahead!


The Cranks’ gender reveal brings to mind that of Jaren Garcia, who announced from 17,000 feet in the sky that his wife, Molly, is expecting a girl.


Jaren, who has always wanted to do a sky-dive, ticked off an entry on his bucket list by diving out of a plane, while purple smoke (it's a girl!) was released from a can on his ankle.


Well, mums – what do you think of these inventive gender reveal ideas? Will you be taking inspiration for your own, or do you prefer a slightly smaller production? Let us know!

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