Who says wheat-free, sugar-free and dairy-free foods can’t be fun?
After spending her student years living off caffeine and refined white carbs, it is not surprising that Susan Jane White’s health was affected.
After a spell in hospital, she found out that she was wheat and sugar intolerant. However, it was after she cut them out of her diet that she realised that there is a huge connection between the food we eat and our energy. So, rather than seeing her food intolerances as being a burden on her eating habits, Susan Jane realised that there was nothing particularly restrictive about her new diet and was finally able to escape the shackles of energy-sapping processed food.
Rather than resign to the fact that she would have to eat boring and bland food from then on, she decided to create her own tasty recipes. In The Extra Virgin Kitchen you will find breakfast ideas, including chia and chai breakfast pudding, green eggs and wheat-free bread.
There are also plenty of snacks, soups and salads to enjoy like the barley grass balls, Hitchcock and nutmeg soup, sesame seed salad, superman’s salad, egg fried rice, Bond Girl salad and even a superfood salad. Not forgetting the main course, in this section you will find sole and satay, pumpkin falafel and Umami beef stew. There are even some tasty treats in there for when you are feeling a little naughty. 
Starting off the book you will find a Q&A style chapter answering questions like frying with olive oil, and how to use agave making it ideal for those who are just starting to change their food and consumption choices. 
Susan Jane is a food columnist and specialist cook and was a former president of Oxford University’s Gastronomy Society.
This book is jammed packed with tasty recipes proving that healthy food needn’t be bland or boring.