The frozen yoghurt hack thatll be your summer go-to

The days are stretching longer and longer the birds are singing in the morning and the temperatures have finally started to inch their way up to double figures.

All of this daylight and clear blue skies has us craving a full day out in the garden, or maybe even at the beach, enjoying this fleeting sunshine in blissful relaxation — and with a little home-made frozen yoghurt in hand!

four assorted flavor of ice cream on white wooden table

You might have seen the tutorials on social media detailing how to make your own fro-yo at home with just four ingredients. And if you have, you know exactly how easy it is! This summery hack has us more excited than ever to spend our days in the sun in our cool summer clothes, hanging out with friends and family. They'll love this hack too, and it's easy to batch make! All you'll need for one serving is:

200ml plain Greek yoghurt

200g frozen chopped fruit - strawberries, bananas, blueberries, whatever flavour you want!

50ml maple syrup

2-3 drops vanilla essence

Cup of Ice Cream

Pop all of these into a blender together and blend until totally smooth.

Place the mixture into a deep dish, spreading it out evenly.

Freeze it in the freezer fro 30-40 minutes and serve, topping with nuts, fruits, syrups or whatever you prefer. Super simple, and super tasty! You're welcome!

Bowl of Ice Cream