Unicorns make everything better, and this delicious chocolate bark is absolutely no exception.



Behold, Unicorn Bark. Because, Monday. Recipe by @hellowonderful_co link in our bio. #unicornbark #dessert

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Picture your lovely, standard chocolate bark.. now imagine someone dipped it in glitter and added some real-life magic to it!


That is exactly what unicorn bark looks like... ONLY BETTER.



The gorgeous humans at Creme and Sugar in California created this magical treat, and we are so happy they did.





The best part is, this bark is really easy to create, and all you need is food colouring, white chocolate and colourful sweets!


If you want to whip up some gorgeous unicorn bark, then check out the video below.



Important reminder: unicorns are real, and so are mermaids... that is all.


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