This Christmas punch is packed with cranberry, ginger and orange - and Cointreau!

There's a nip in the air and a smell of fir trees all around - it must be getting close to that magical time of year..Christmas! 

We're super excited for the holidays this year, and so we're putting together all our best recipes now to try out for the season. And that includes cocktail recipes! This gorgeous thyme, cranberry and orange cocktail is the stuff of warm, Christmassy dreams and we can definitely imagine sipping away on it at our Christmas parties this season!

Crop barman preparing herbs for cocktail

You’ll need…

4 sprigs thyme

15ml fresh lemon juice

15ml simple syrup

25ml cranberry juice

50ml sparkling ginger beer

80ml fresh orange juice

20ml Cointreau

30ml whiskey



Place ice into your cocktail mixer and pour in your cranberry juice, orange juice, whiskey and Cointreau. Add in your simple syrup – if you don’t have any to hand, you can make some. To make simple syrup just heat 2 parts sugar to 1 part water over a medium heat in a pan. Once the mixture has thickened like a syrup and cooled down, it’s ready to go!

Add in your fresh thyme sprigs into the cocktail mixture along with the simple syrup and shake well for 15 seconds.

Place 2 cubes of ice in a glass. Strain the contents of the cocktail mixer into the glass.

Top off with ginger beer and garnish with a sprig of thyme and serve with a flourish!

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