A trip to the Chessington World of Adventures makes for a great memory-filled family day out - and it even has a zoo for extra fun for the kids.
Here are some tips for visiting this park with your brood.
1. Book in advance
Save yourself some money by booking your tickets online in advance. As well as being cheaper you will save time by not having to queue at the entrance
2. Where to find help
Adventurers' Services can be found in Market Square (in the centre of the park). Staff here can help with lots of things including lost property and issuing wristbands. The Medical Centre can be found in Forbidden Kingdom.
3. Capturing the fun
Ride photos are a nice souvenir of your day, so look out for the cameras and don't forget to smile. Pictures are vailable on Bubbleworks Dragon Falls, Dragon's Fury, Rattlesnake, Runaway Train, Tomb Blaster and Vampire.
4. Use the lockers
It might be a good idea to make use of the lockers in the park to avoid carrying too many things around with for the day. These can be found in Market Square and a small charge applies.
5. Lost little ones
Children can be given a wristband which you add your name and mobile number to. If a member of staff finds them unaccompanied you will be contacted so that they can be reunited with you.
6. Timing your day
Generally, it's best to do the biggest rides in the first or the last hour that the park is open, as the queues tend to be the shortest at these times. Plus, you can often beat the crowds by starting at the back of the park and working your way towards the front.
7. Electronic Boards 
These are located in various places around the park and display the latest queue times for many of the rides in the park. Make sure you check these out to help you plan when to visit each ride.
8. Parent Swap 
On busy days, parents with small children can get a special pass which allows just one of the parents to queue. When the first parent has been on the ride, the second can go on without having to queue again.
9. Beat the queues
Fastrack Tickets provide reduced waiting times for an extra charge. Here are the Fastrack ticket price for some of the most popular rides: The Coaster Fastrack £7 (Dragon's Fury & Vampire), The Adventurer Fastrack £7 (Tomb Blaster, Bubbleworks & Runaway Train), The Mystic Fastrack £5 (Dragon Falls & Kobra), Young Adventurer Fastrack £5 (Flying Jumbos, Todie's Crazy Cars & Tiny Truckers), Ultimate Fastrack £60 (20 of the busiest rides). 
10. Shopping
There's plenty of great gifts available from shops all over the park. The largest selections can be found at the Fangtasia Gift Shop (Transylvania), Maharaja's Market (Wild Asia) and Chessington Shop (Market Square).
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