Veganuary can extend to your wardrobe, cleaning products and makeup bag!

Veganuary is finally here and lots of us are challenging ourselves this year to try out new food and recipes to really overhaul not only our diets, but our overall health and environmental impact. It's a wonderful initiative that has led to lots of people giving a chance to a lifestyle that they previously didn't think they could enjoy or even try!

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And what's great about Veganuary is that it opens up our eyes to not only our diets, but that impact that animal produce and testing has on all aspects of our lives. Suddenly we're looking at our makeup products, clothing and kitchenware and wondering what went into making them? Who and what was involved in the process? And how can we make Veganuary extend beyond just our diets? 

We've collected some of our favourite products from our favourite brands to show how Veganuary isn't just about food - look around and get inspired by these gorgeous vegan and cruelty-free products!

Frances Prescott TRI-BALM signature the 3-in-1 cleansing balm

The Frances Prescott Collection includes a capsule assortment of award-winning, multi-tasking skincare products that have been specifically designed to eliminate the need for a complicated and extensive skincare routine while minimising the impact on the environment.

“Sustainability and striving to do ‘our best, and even better’ is at the core of the collection” says founder Pauline Prescott. “Every product is vegan-friendly and cruelty free while our components and packaging are fully recyclable. Made with ethically and sustainably sourced natural ingredients, each product has been formulated using no, or minimal water, during the production process. Happy skin and happy conscience!”

TRI-BALM the 3-in-1 signature cleansing balm works hard to effortlessly reduce your skincare routine in just one simple step. Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturise at once minimising time, space, and packaging while helping you achieve better skin; softer, clearer, nourished and hydrated.

This compact, yet mighty miracle product boasts a blend of botanical oils, starflower, and oats to effectively cleanse and remove impurities and make-up including stubborn mascara. Pumpkin seed enzymes gently exfoliate to instantly smooth and brighten, freshen while natural Hyaluronic acid paired with natural antioxidants, locks-in moisturiser to plump and hydrate skin all day long.

Frances Prescott TRI-BALM is available in three convenient sizes: Mini 20g €30, Essential 70g €50 or Luxury 140g €99.  To discover more visit

The Human Collective

The recent movement towards sustainability and healthy living has led many to adopt a vegan lifestyle, even if just for Veganuary. However, when it comes to clothing, it’s not always apparent to customers whether their purchases or the brand adopts ethical and animal friendly practices. Human Collective clothing is PETA-Approved Vegan, as the brand doesn’t conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations, or finished products and none of the brand’s products contain any animal derived components.

Their clothing is primarily made up of organically produced cotton which needs a relatively low amount of water to be produced and recycled polyester – a more sustainable alternative to virgin polyester – which uses up to half as much energy to make and saves plastic from landfill.

Human Collective is committed to minimising its impact on the environment by adopting sustainable practices at every step so customers can rest assured their purchases are considered and kind to the planet and the people who make them.

Shop the Human Collective range now from

Dr. Bronner’s vegan & cruelty-free products

This January, join fair trade and personal care brand, Dr. Bronner’s in kicking off the new year with compassion and kindness for Veganuary, a time to improve personal and home care routines with the choice of vegan and cruelty-free products!  Whether you are in need of a multi-purpose soap, a hydrating body lotion, a smooth shaving soap, or an all-purpose home cleaner, Dr. Bronner’s offer a wide variety of personal care and hygiene products that are effective for a range of uses, and are safe for animals, people, and planet. Dr. Bronner’s products are never tested on animals and do not contain any animal products (excluding lip and body balms, which contain sustainable beeswax). To celebrate Veganuary, Dr. Bronner’s Ireland is offering 10% off the Dr. Bronner’s range for the month of January through their website,

Seabody’s new range of marine-powered skincare

All-Irish marine powered cosmetic and nutraceutical brand Seabody are a bio-designed range of supplements and skin care that supplies skincare lovers with sustainable and ethical health and beauty products. Not only are the products vegan & cruelty free but they contain proprietary marine molecules that Seabody has isolated from 100% Irish, organic seaweed using a gentle and zero waste process!

Each product is formulated to deliver superb benefits to each user without harming our precious planet. Try out their ultra-nourishing Hydrogel Mask Cleanser, a cleansing gel, enriched with multifunctional marine glycan will have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after use. Or else try out their gorgeous AquaSurge Day Serum that plumps the skin with the use of marine powered hydration and hyaluronic acid to quench and give the skin a healthy dewy glow

Seabody is available to purchase from, Brown Thomas and Arnotts.

Bambaw 6 Reusable Makeup Remover Pad Set

Makeup removal waste is huge, between the plastic bottles for our micellar water, makeup wipes and cotton pads. Finding a clean, easy-to-use alternative to waste can be difficult, especially ones that align with our values of sustainability, cruelty-free and vegan products. Bambaw makeup remover pads are made purely from bamboo and cotton fibres, which makes them super soft and ideal for any skin type!

Coming in plastic-free packaging, these 12 soft and 4 scrub makeup removal pads come with a cotton wash bag. They’re super durable because their stitching is polyester, ensuring higher resistance and continued use, meaning you can use them again and again and again!

Reuzi Tru Eco All Purpose Cleaner

Ever worry about all the chemicals and bubbles you’re sending down the drain? We don’t know what’s in a lot of the chemicals and products that clean our homes, and especially the ones that clean our kitchenware. So when a brand like Tru Eco comes along, we jump at the chance to use it!

It’s plant-based which means it’s vegan safe and totally natural. It’s lack of chemicals doesn’t impact on its high power performance, leaving all our pots and pans sparkling, cutting through grease and grime. It’s also refillable, meaning you’re not wasting any plastic buying new bottles over and over!

Aveda Botanical Kinetic Serums

Enhancing your natural beauty, simply and effectively, just got easier with the launch of botanical kinetics™ serums from Aveda, a trio of targeted skin care solutions with serious plant power! Keeping skincare natural and aligned with your Veganuary challenge can only be good for your skin. They feature a fusion of plant stem cells and plant-derived acids selected for their transformative powers and are 100% Vegan serums! Try out the three serums, the Intense Hydrator, Instant Luminizer or Pore Refiner, all pure, plant-powered and cruelty-free.

The Body Shop Moringa haircare set

Get healthier-feeling, shinier hair and help protect it from daily pollution with the Body Shop’s natural haircare sets. Made with Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil and extract from Rwanda and Vegan Silk Protein, adding this haircare to your routine visibly restores dull hair’s radiance and shine. Expect softer, smoother and healthier looking hair that smells fragrantly floral.

And what’s more, the Body Shop’s new haircare bottles and tubs are made from 100% recycled plastic, including Community Fair Trade recycled plastic collected off the streets of Bengaluru, India The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade partnership with Plastics for Change not only helps tackle the existing plastic problem. It also helps support around 2,500 marginalised waste pickers in India with access to more sanitary working conditions and a fair price for the plastic waste they collect. For more information on The Body Shop’s products, check out their website

Alkeme Atelier Water Moon Vegan Leather Satchel

Give your wardrobe a vegan makeover too this January with the stunning collection from Alkeme Atelier, inspired by the ancient science of Alchemy and the process of transforming and combining the four elements. This idea of breaking down and rebuilding materials led them to produce their bags with sustainable, plant-based textiles. Tons of plastic is discarded every year, polluting lands, rivers, oceans, coasts and beaches.

Alkeme Atelier takes this waste and transform it into a brand new material, a fabric used as the linings of their handbags. They hope taking these conscious steps will aid in the mission to protect the planet and cultivate an ethical and sustainable fashion. Alkeme Atelier are constantly innovating for sustainable materials.

This bag is made of an innovative Vegan Leather, exclusive to ALKEME ATELIER. The material is lightweight, scratch resistant and high in strength. They produce this bag in a factory that is ISO 9001 certified.