Wasting food costs us up to £700 a year - here are top tips to reduce your food waste

Irish households contribute up to 31% of food waste in Ireland. We’re all culprits – whether it’s the milk left out on the counter, the forgotten broccoli at the back of the fridge, or the mouldy bread at the end of the bag. Reducing food waste doesn’t just make sense in terms of saving money - about €700 per household per year - it’s also a vital ingredient in reducing greenhouse emissions on a global scale by almost 10%.

This Stop Food Waste Day, from spring cleaning your fridge to meal planning, HelloFresh has some top tips to reduce food (and financial) waste.


Before buying new ingredients, check what you have in the cupboard. By keeping track of what you have and don't have, you can avoid purchasing duplicate food items. Creating meal plans is also an effective way to buy exactly what you need. Disregard special offers and buy only what you plan to use. HelloFresh portions out ingredients to minimise waste, with many customers reporting less waste overall, including 70% fewer scraps during food preparation.

Strategic Storage:

Imagine your cupboard as a jigsaw puzzle - all the parts need to fit together. We often use whatever containers are in our kitchen to store food, but different sizes waste space. Use consistent containers and stack bags of food. Think about the temperature and humidity of your cupboards, as this will have an impact on the shelf life of your food. Store bread in a bread bin or a paper bag at room temperature. Don't store bread in the fridge, as this will speed up the process of deterioration.

Is your fridge in tip-top shape?

Be sure your fridge is set to the correct temperature and learn what goes where. The top shelf is the warmest part of the fridge and best for ready-to-eat dairy products and other prepared foods/ leftovers. Keep milk there too - it's a myth that milk goes in the drawer of the fridge, as it gets a blast of hot air every time you open the door. Keep raw meat, fish, and poultry in sealed packaging on the bottom shelf, which is the coolest part of the fridge. The bottom drawer of the fridge keeps vegetables fresh and crisp. Door racks are the best places for eggs, condiments, jam, and juice.


Slice and freeze your bread. If you buy a baguette that becomes rock hard, turn it into breadcrumbs and freeze them! Defrost the bread as needed or use one slice at a time and toast to defrost. Blanch vegetables and freeze them - then put them into the steamer when you're ready to use them. This saves time and prevents your veggies from going to the landfill.


As part of its commitment to reducing surplus food, HelloFresh has partnered with Irish Food Waste reduction pioneer FoodCloud - so far this partnership has led to the redistribution of over 12,000 meals to those who need it avoiding nearly 12 tonnes CO2 equivalent. At home, find ways to redistribute food to your local community - or find inventive ways to use up ingredients.

Through this partnership with FoodCloud, HelloFresh is helping combat food waste and support local communities. This initiative not only benefits the environment but also addresses food insecurity by providing nutritious meals to those who need it most.