Now more than ever, it is important to help save and conserve water and with a little bit of thought and effort you can ensure no water in your home goes to waste.
These easy tips will help you get started on your new greener living:
Turn off the tap
While this may seem like the most obvious, you need to ensure both you and your children turn off the taps while brushing your teeth or washing your hands. For instance, when cleaning hands, put water onto your palm, turn off tap, rub in soap, turn the tap on and rinse. 
Have baths instead of showers
While not all kids will like a shower, you will save yourself a lot more water and money by having a shower. Turn off the tap when you are rubbing shampoo into your hair. 
Reuse water
Reuse your water whenever you can. When you boil an egg, use the water in the pan to pour over your plants, allowing it to cool first. It actually contains a lot of nutrients that your flowers will benefit from. Or use the water to clean or soak other pots.
Wash vegetables in a bowl
Rather than washing your fruit and vegetables under running water, fill up a bowl and wash them in it. You'll be surprised at how little water you actually need. 
Collect rainwater 
Instead of using water from your tap for your garden or plants, simply leave a bucket outside when it is raining.
Don’t wash car with hose
Just because you are saving water doesn’t mean your car has to go dirty. However, instead of using the hose fill up a bucket with hot soapy water.
Cut down on shower time
We all love a good hot shower to wake us up in the morning, but try to cut it down by about a minute or two. You won’t really notice the difference but you will save a ton of water.
Make sure the dishwasher/ washing machine is full
Don’t put the dishwasher or washing machine on unless they are full. Not only will this save water it will also save you money on energy bills.
Fix leaks
There is no point doing all of the above if your pipes or taps are leaking so make sure you get them fixed.