Think it's impossible to cook up a nice, healthy meal without spending a fortune at the grocery store? Think again.


Instagram chef Miguel Barclay has amassed over 60,000 followers thanks to his awesome recipes, all of which can be made for one pound or less!


Miguel’s account @onepoundmeals features tonnes of mouth-watering meal ideas, perfect for mums who want to feed their families healthy, tasty food on a budget.



And best of all, most of the recipes on his account come in video form so you can’t possibly go wrong in the kitchen!


“After only a few months I had tens of thousands of followers and was having fun experimenting with my own dishes too,” the e-commerce worker told The Daily Mail.


“I have had to sacrifice garnishes like a wedge of lemon with my paella, but on the whole my dishes do not suffer too much with the price constraints.”


Here are a few of our favourites...


Chicken Katsu Curry



55p KATSU CURRY ----------------- recipe ------------------- Coat a deboned skinless chicken thigh in seasoned flour, then egg and then seasoned stale breadcrumbs. Shallow fry on a medium heat. Bring half a cup of rice to the boil in 1 cup of water, and simmer with the lid on until all the water has been absorbed. In a saucepan, mix flour, curry powder and honey over a medium heat, slowly adding water and finishing with a splash of soy sauce. ---------------- ingredients --------------- - 1 tablespoon of curry powder: 5p (90g/79p Lidl) - honey: 3p (34g/1.25 Lidl) - splash of soy: 2p - 1 tablespoon flour: 1p (1kg/£1.10 Sainsbury's) - 1 chicken thigh: 29p (7 thighs/£1.99 Lidl) - 1 egg: 6p (15 eggs £1 Lidl) - bread crumbs: 3p - basmati rice: 5p (1kg/£1.35 Lidl) -------------------------------------------- #onepoundmeals #chicken #katsu #curry #katsucurry #recipe

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Quiche Lorraine



46p QUICHE LORRAINE -------------- recipe --------------- crumble together butter & flour in between your fingertips and then add a splash of water to create a dough. Line a small oven proof dish with the pastry dough, perforate the base with a fork and bake empty for 10mins. Then add a mixture of egg, milk, cheese, cooked onion & cooked bacon. Bake for approx 20 mins. ------------ ingredients ------------ - 4 tablespoons flour: 2p (1.5kg/45p Lidl) - 2 teaspoons butter: 5p (250g/75p Lidl) - 1 egg: 6p (15/£1 Lidl) - 40ml milk: 2p (4 pints/£1 Tesco) - 1/2 onion: 4p (1kg/59p Tesco) - 30g cheese: 14p (350g/£1.59 Lidl) - 2 rashers bacon: 13p (17rashers/£1.05 Lidl) ------------------------------------- #quiche #quichelorraine #bacon #cheese #pastry #recipe #recipeoftheday

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You can check out more of Miguel’s incredibly thrifty meal ideas here.


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