Police in Germany are currently investigating a case, after a baby-for-sale was posted on eBay.


Whether or not this post was a tasteless joke or a seriousness sale is still unknown. 


The popular website is famous for selling pretty much everything, but local police have been shocked to discover that the  infant has been listed online for €5000.


The concerning post shows a dark-haired 40-day-old baby in a number of different outfits, with the caption: “Child, 40-days-old named Maria … for sale.”


The post gained viral status after it was uploaded, and it was removed by eBay just 30-minutes after it was uploaded. 


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Pierre Du Bois, the founder of eBay, released a statement regarding the incident: “We received a lot of complaints from users and we immediately pursued the matter. In such a case, we provide the authorities with all available information.”


It remains unclear if the post was meant to be a weird sort of joke, or if the sellers, from Duisburg in Germany, were hoping to make a quick buck. 


The website is no stranger to joke listings that sometimes include hoax items or attempts to defraud buyers.


We really hope that this was just a ridiculous joke, and that little Maria is in safe hands. 


German police are still investing the incident. 


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