10 easy snacks for kids

Mini pitta pizzas
These mini pitta pizzas will curb your children's appetite after school and tide them over until dinnertime! Click here for recipe
5-minute coconut bites
These little bites are perfect after-school snacks! Click here for recipe
Nutella spirals
Kids will love these chocolatey spirals as a treat after school! Click here for recipe
Chocolate wheat bars
Perfect as a lunchbox treats! Click here for recipe
Pesto cheese pinwheels
These are bursting with great Italian flavours. Click here for recipe
Spiced apple biscuits
These gently spiced biscuits are great on a cold wintery day
Cornflake raisin cookies
A great way to get healthy grains into your child's diet. Click here for recipe
Strawberry mice
Kids will love helping you make these fun strawberry mice. Click here for recipe
Caterpillar grapes
What better way to get fruit into your children than by giving them these cuties?
Jelly fruit cups
A light dessert the kids will love. Click here for recipe
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