Becoming a mum is an amazing, and highly emotional time in any woman's life. 


If you find yourself crying for the weirdest reasons, you are not alone! 


Check out ten wonderful and horrible reasons why all new mums cry...


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1. Trying on her pre-pregnancy clothes


Your body will not be the same, so trying in your skinny jeans could result in tears! 


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2. First time leaving your little one


Even if you're just nipping out for a manicure, leaving your baby for the first time will be an emotional rollercoaster. 


3. When dad goes back to work


You will feel abandoned, and SO LONELY! 


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4. When your friends go out without you


How dare they go out and have fun without you! Que the water works! 


5. Watching animal YouTube videos


Anything relating to babies, animals or soldiers returning from war and you will BALL! 


6. The first time they smile


The level of cuteness will be too much for you. 


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7. From pure exhaustion


Sometimes you will shed a tear because you're just so bloody tired. 


8. When your maternity leave ends


The thought of reentering society is a scary thing...


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9. When people criticise your parenting skills


You'll want to tell them to p**s off, but instead you'll have an emotional break down. 


10. Every time you look at your baby


Realising that you made a baby is AMAZING. You'll cry tears of joy every time you look at your beautiful baby. 


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