20 self-love affirmations to add some positivity to your day

These days, we all could do with an added bit of positivity in our lives. 

Between the struggles of day-to-day life and pressure online, we can start to feel overwhelmed and a bit lost. 

One way you can add some positivity to your day is by saying some positive affirmations!

Positive affirmations are a great way to remind you to appreciate and praise yourself. They’re super easy to add to your morning routine and will have a great impact on your mental health. 

So, get yourself in front of your mirror and recite these self-love affirmations to yourself every day. 

I am worthy of love and respect.

I am capable of achieving my goals.

I am a good person. 

I choose happiness in my life.

I am confident in my abilities and talents.

I am clever.

I embrace change.

I treat others well. 

I am surrounded by supportive and uplifting people.

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I am enough just as I am.

I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.

I am deserving of all the good things life has to offer.

I trust my intuition.

I am resilient and can overcome any obstacle.

I am a beacon of light.

I bring abundance to my own life. 

I am capable to grow from challenges.

I attract positivity and opportunities into my life.