27 gorgeous gifts for your teenage daughter (written by a teenager!)

by Talulla McKenna

Straight from the horse’s mouth! These are the gifts that your teenage daughter actually wants this Christmas, as told by a teenage daughter!

With all of the endless gifts out there that claim they are the perfect one for the elusive teen, it can be hard to know what they really want – and they often don’t know themselves. This handy guide clues us into what is really popular and trendy in their world this Christmas, making you, world’s best gift-giver.

Love Silver Name Necklace 

This Carrie-style Name Necklace, first seen and worn by Carrie in ‘Sex and the City’, can be made in any name up to 10 letters. It is a perfect necklace that is layer-able with any other necklaces and comes in 5 different colours, including sterling silver and plated gold on sterling silver.

Hair Claw Set 

These clips, not only super trendy right now and able to create effortless looking hair styles, but also keep hair damage-free. The clips are big enough for all types of hair, thick, thin, curly, or straight. The pastel colours complement any hair colour and will go with all outfits.

LED Cloud Light 

This fab LED light operates via batteries or USB so it works anywhere in your bedroom without showing any wires. Having the light turned on at night creates a nice atmosphere which your daughter is bound to love. It comes in a range of different designs as well as colours so it can give a minimalistic white bedroom, a pop of colour.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Neutral Eyeshadow Palette 

A neutral eyeshadow palette is an essential in everyone’s makeup collection. The shades can be used to create an everyday natural look or a heavier ‘going out’ look and is guaranteed to be useful no matter what style of makeup your daughter is into.

Vinyl of their fav music artist 

Your daughter doesn’t need a record player to enjoy a vinyl of her favourite music artist. The cover and the actual vinyl are a perfect alternative to music posters that can look classier while still showcasing their taste in music.

Beauty Bay Fiery 42 Palette  

If you like the eyeshadow idea but need something that won’t break the bank, the Fiery 42 colour palette is a great alternative!

Wildflower Phone Case 

While a phone case can seem like a quite simple gift, a new phone accessory can make your phone feel brand new on Christmas day. Between all the different designs out there, there is one that is bound to suit all different personalities.

New Chic Blanket Hoodie 

This winter you couldn’t go wrong with getting your daughter a blanket hoodie. There’s nothing worse than being cold and having to make sure your blanket stays on you when you get up for your cuppa, so having the blanket-hoodie to keep you warm makes it a guaranteed hit this Christmas.

Final Bend Fitness Workout Set 

Working out is becoming more popular and athleisure is becoming an every-day basic, so a pair of leggings from this Irish-owned brand is a must. There is a range of so many colours, so that they will suit all skin tones, plus all the leggings have a matching sports bra so you still looki put-together while working out.

Next Faux Fur Bed Covering 

There is nothing better than getting into bed with new bed sheets - but imagine having furry ones! They feel like sleeping on a cloud and I am sure your daughter will thank you the next morning after having the best night’s sleep!


You can never go wrong with getting someone a sweatshirt. They are bound to go with at least two pairs of bottoms your daughter has like her jeans or her leggings. Some good websites to have a look on are Nasty Gal Sweatshirt, MissGuided and H&M.

Honu Ring 

If there is one way to make a girl feel more confident it’s wearing a ring. The super cute rings from Honu are so minimalistic but also are super eye catching. It would be hard to go wrong with one of these rings or really anything from Honu as something is bound to suit your daughter’s desires.

Boohoo Dressing Gown 

Having a dressing gown on hand around winter is an essential and having a pretty and soft one is even better. It’s fab for using before and after a shower or even to snuggle down while watching a movie.

My Clarins Favourites Set 

This skin care set is specifically for teens and young women so even though your daughter might be surprised to see a Clarins product under the tree this Christmas, if she has an interest in skin care she will definitely love it.

MAC Sparkle Starter Kit Brushes 

Whether your daughter is just starting out with makeup or she is well experienced with it, these brushes are an essential. These are the most basic brushes everyone should have in their makeup kit and I am sure an update of her makeup brushes is well overdue.

Dermalogica Cleanse & Glow to Go

This set specifically targets melting away that access oil on your face which is more desirable than ever with having to wear face masks all day. Your daughter will thank you for this no matter what skin type she has.

Bellamianta Luxury Tanning’s Liquid Gold Lover’s Gift Set

As Maura Higgins is a superstar here in Ireland and in the UK, I’m sure your daughter has seen her using Bellamianta. So, getting the same tan Maura uses is sure to make her excited to get her summer glow back.

Zara Perfume 

It’s so important for a girl to have her signature scent as she is growing up and these Zara perfumes are not only extremely affordable but also seriously underrated.

Missguided Fluffy Slippers 

Do I even need to give a reason to buy these slippers? They’re so fluffy and the colours they come in are gorg, so if you don’t buy them for your daughter then buy them for yourself!

Pigsback Charger Protector 

Having your cable snap is the most annoying thing but it’s going to happen at some point, so getting a cute cable protector is an essential and also a great stocking stuffer.

Iconic Bronze Shimmer Babes Christmas Gift Sets 

Not being able to get away this summer has left us all looking paler than we’d usually like so I am sure your daughter would appreciate a tanning set to get back that sun kissed look.  I really like these sets:  Dark & Medium Lotion - €22, Shimmer Babes Christmas Gift Sets – Dark & Medium Mousse - €24 and Shimmer Babes €24.00.

The Skin Nerd Jade Roller 

If you haven’t seen a jade roller on your Instagram feed, then your daughter definitely has. The jade roller is supposed to help with puffy-ness on your face and lymphatic drainage. It’s also a perfect stocking stuffer.

Urban Outfitters Make Up Bag

This is such a cute makeup bag that can hold all your daughter’s essentials but also doubles as a pencil case so she has something to show off when going back to school after the Christmas holidays.

Beauty Bay Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat

If your daughter is a fan of makeup, she needs this mat to clean her brushes. Having the mat makes it much easier so clean all the dirt out of them and makes sure they are clean after their monthly wash.

Curry’s JBL Bluetooth Speaker

This JBL speaker is one of the best speakers out there. If your daughter is a music lover or even likes to sing in the shower, she will love this.

Holos Teen Queen Gift Set

Another great gift for a skin-care loving daughter. Vegan and cruelty free, this set targets acne and the facewash, toner and cream all smell of rose and grapefruit, which couldn’t be nicer.

Pan Macmillan’s Mindfulness Colouring Book