Now that the summer is in full swing, it is time to dust off the skirts and shorts as the weather heats up; unfortunately, after being hidden away for so long, some mums are afraid to show off their legs. However, will a bit of TLC, you will be able to put away those trousers and be proud of your legs.
Here are five ways to ensure perfect pins for the summer:
Remove any hairs
Waxing is one of the most effective ways to remove any hairs on your legs although it can be a bit painful. However, if you can’t face waxing yourself and booking an appointment in the beauticians is out of your price range, shaving is just as effective. Make sure you use plenty of foam to avoid any nicks.
Remove any flaky, dead skin cells from your legs by exfoliating them. You can buy a body exfoliater in any shop or simply mix brown sugar with your shower gel to make your own.
Fake tan
Fake tan is great for legs that have not seen sunlight in a few months. It also helps to make your legs look defined and flawless. Make sure you go for a waterproof one to avoid streaks when it rains and don’t go overboard with too many layers. One or two layers is usually enough to give a natural glow.
Make sure you moisturise your legs to keep them smooth although don’t put it on before your fake tan as the tan won’t stick.  When your tan is dry, rub a little moisturiser down the centre of your shin. This will reflect the light, giving them a nice sheen. Why not go for one with a little added shimmer for added effect.
Exercise is the best way to ensure toned defined legs. If possible, fit a few lunges into your day, go for a quick run, take the stairs or do squats while watching telly.